CeilingMIC Microphone

The next-generation, echo-cancelling ceiling microphone, CeilingMIC.

With a 360° pickup pattern and integrated echo cancellation and digital signal processing, CeilingMIC can guarantee all round, high-quality audio.

What sets CeilingMIC apart from other pendant microphones, is its plug-and-play design. Connect CeilingMIC using a singular Cat-5 cable, to an EasyMIC compatible Vaddio device and that’s your power, control audio audio all connected.

CeilingMIC supports lengths of up to 100ft of Cat-5, giving you plenty of flexibility in installations.

A Dante-enabled version of CeilingMIC is now available! This model embodies all the benefits of the original, however; it can be paired with any other Dante-enabled devices.

Vaddio - CeilingMIC

Vaddio - TableMIC

TableMIC Microphone

Introduced at the same time as the CeilingMIC, is Vaddio’s re-released table microphone, TableMIC.

Designed to deliver professional-quality audio into your PC, TableMIC utilises three unidirectional condenser microphones, equipped with AEC and DSP.

TableMIC has been designed to reduce distracting noises and with well engineered feet, diminishes table vibrations that other microphones experience.

Once again, TableMIC is simple to install due to it running power, control and audio over a singular Cat-5 cable, to any of the EasyMIC compatible devices.

Just like the CeilingMIC, Vaddio has released a Dante model of the TableMIC for compatibility with other Dante-enabled devices.

Ceiling Speakers

Vaddio’s Ceiling Speaker is optimised for easy installation and accurate voice reproduction.

The 2-way speaker is built with a specially designed coaxially mounted cone tweeter, and a high-performance 4″ metalised cone woofer.

The flush-mounting speaker can be installed in the ceiling or wall and comes with a lightweight ceiling tile brace.

A Dante model of the speaker is on its way (EasyIP Ceiling Speaker D), designed for transmitting audio over the network and for use in your EasyIP and Dante systems.

Available in White only.

Vaddio - Ceiling Speaker

Vaddio - EasyUSB Mixer/Amp

EasyUSB Mixer/Amp

A popular device which you could pair either of the microphones too, is the Vaddio EasyUSB Mixer/Amp.

An integrated audio mixer and amplifier which supports up to two Vaddio microphones, in addition to having a 2 x 20W Class-D amplifier.

By using the EasyUSB Mixer/Amp, you are able to integrate your audio with PC-based video conferencing via its USB output.

This device is completely plug-and-play, due to it using a standard UAC driver. Perfect for corporate installations.