PCC Premier

The Precision Camera Controller Premier is Vaddio’s latest camera controller.

Equipped with a whole host of precision control for the most demanding camera environments, the PCC Premier can control cameras over both RS-232 and IP.

Up to 8 Vaddio, Sony or Panasonic cameras can be connected over RS-232, with an additional 80 Vaddio IP cameras over the network. The PCC Premier allows for control of up to 16 PTZ cameras at one time.

The controller features a 7-inch touchscreen interface, as well as a 3-axis joystick, a manual auto-focus wheel and an integrated web interface.

Vaddio - PCC Premier - Camera Controllers

Vaddio - ProductionVIEW - Camera Controllers


An alternative option to the PCC Premier is Vaddio’s broadcast-quality camera controller, ProductionVIEW.

Providing extremely smooth and accurate pan, tilt and zoom control, ProductionVIEW can control up to 7 PTZ cameras via RS-232, and can store up to 14 presets per camera.

In addition, you can connect two ProductionVIEW camera controllers together for creating multiple control stations.

It can also be used as a stand-alone device, or in conjunction with a variety of video switchers or mixers on the market today.

Device Controller

Control all Vaddio devices with a web interface through its Device Controller.

A 10-inch colour touch panel, Device Controller can be the perfect assistant to your EasyIP system.

PoE+ powered, the controller can manage each of the cameras and microphones in your system. Seamlessly switch between video sources, alter presets and control a cameras PTZ, adjust volume levels, mute microphones and more.

The Device Controller is only compatible with Vaddio products and cannot control 3rd party devices.

Vaddio - Device Controller