EasyIP Ecosystem

The EasyIP Ecosystem is an AV-over-IP conferencing system in a box.

It delivers professional-quality conference feeds for UC soft clients, and simplifies the BYOD conferencing experience by moving video conferencing onto the network. Since its release, simplified IP streaming solutions have also been added to the EasyIP range.

This networked videoconferencing system allows you to use up to four PTZ cameras in your room, without needing a video switch. The system also removes expensive and tricky to install USB extension cables/systems, as all power, data and control is transmitted over CAT.

The system currently comprises of the EasyIP PTZ cameras, EasyIP Decoder and Mixer, Dante Ceiling and Table microphones and a Luxul AMS-1208P switch.

Vaddio - RoboSHOT - PTZ Cameras

PTZ Cameras

Vaddio manufacture a vast range of feature-rich PTZ cameras for all video conferencing, broadcasting and audiovisual applications.

Its portfolio of top-of-the-range cameras have been developed from the ground-up by Vaddio’s experts, covering applications for corporate, education, streaming, healthcare and house of worship markets.

Vaddio’s range of RoboSHOT cameras are the pinnacle of its PTZ camera range. Covering everything from simple video conferencing, all the way to 4K UHD broadcasting, the RoboSHOT range is available in a multitude of formats.

The ConferenceSHOT collection offers an excellent solution for all-in-one conferencing. Available as either a standalone USB camera, or in a bundle with microphones and a speaker for Zoom and Teams setups.

Vaddio - IntelliSHOT ePTZ Cameras

ePTZ Cameras

The latest collection to Vaddio’s range is its intelligent ePTZ cameras – IntelliSHOT and ConferenceSHOT ePTZ.

With advanced auto-framing technology, both of Vaddio’s ePTZ cameras are designed for video conferencing, whilst the IntelliSHOT can also stream over IP. The cameras are made to sit above your rooms display (alternative mounting also available) and capture both the visuals and audio in the space.

The IntelliSHOT’s features allows it to be used in solutions from video conferencing to lecture capture, whilst the ConferenceSHOT ePTZ should be only be used in huddle and small meeting spaces.

Two integrated microphones with built-in acoustic echo cancellation makes the cameras a more ‘all-in-one’ solution. This can help reduce the amount of equipment needed for an install and reduce the overall costs.

Vaddio - AV Bridges

AV Bridges

Vaddio’s AV Bridges help you bridge your traditional conferencing setup, into the new world of plug-and-play USB.

As you can tell from the name, Vaddio’s AV Bridge family provides you with the digital USB gateway to bridge you into any PC software application. In courts, universities and government facilities where PRO audio and vide equipment is installed, an AV Bridge can offer a cheap alternative for getting involved in VC.

Vaddio’s latest AV Bridge release is the AV Bridge 2×1. A classroom-in-a-box solution, the 2×1 inputs 2 HDMI video sources and can display them picture-in-picture or switch between them seamlessly.

Vaddio - ConferenceSHOT Room System

Conferencing Systems

‘All-in-one’ conferencing systems make installing equipment into conferencing spaces quick and easy.

Whether it’s a solitary device with video and audio built-in, or a bundle solution that includes seperate video and audio devices, Vaddio has a solution for you.

Its ConferenceSHOT AV Room Systems integrate a high-definition PTZ camera and audio conferencing mixer into a single USB 3.0 device. Up to two of Vaddio’s microphones can connect direct to the camera via CAT, plus an external speaker mounts beneath the camera itself.

The HuddleSHOT on the other hand is your traditional all-in-one conferencing camera. Video and two-way audio rolled into one device and connecting via one cable direct to your PC.

Vaddio - CeilingMIC

Audio Solutions

Install and integrate your rooms audio with ease, using Vaddio’s EasyUSB and audio devices.

Vaddio has recently developed both its Table and Ceiling microphones, improving their pickup quality and aesthetics. These upgrades will guarantee excellent audio quality wherever they’re used, in addition to complementing the rooms decor.

All of Vaddio’s audio is simple to install, due to it utilising CAT cabling. Both its microphones, plus its brand-new Dante ceiling speaker, transmit data over CAT for easier installations.

Users can connect their audio direct to their conferencing clients using the EasyUSB Mixer/Amp. This mixes the audio from the microphones and distributes it via USB to your PC.

Vaddio - PCC Premier - Camera Controllers

Camera Controllers

In environments which contain multiple cameras, having a singular camera controller is necessary.

Applications like houses of worship, broadcast and lecture capture typically contain multiple cameras in a space, which require precise control. Pan, tilt and zoon, camera selection, preset selection, lens focus and more can all be controlled via Vaddio’s camera controllers.

Products like Vaddio’s ProductionVIEW and Premier Camera Controller can give you all this and more. With connection to cameras via RS-232 and IP, you have flexibility depending on the connections on your camera.