ConferenceSHOT AV Room System

Ideal for video conferencing spaces of all sizes, the ConferenecSHOT AV Room System integrates a PTZ camera with two external microphones and a speaker.

Vaddio’s ConferenceSHOT AV can be used as both a standalone camera, but also as a hub for your rooms audio. With two EasyMIC ports, you can integrate two of Vaddio’s microphones with the camera and transmit both video and audio on 1 USB cable.

Both of Vaddio’s microphones, TableMIC and CeilingMIC, connect using CAT cabling making installation a lot easier.

The system is complaint with your favourite conferencing software, as no external drivers need to be installed on your PC.

Vaddio - ConferenceSHOT Room System

Vaddio - HuddleSHOT


Combine video and audio to create an all-in-one solution with a singular USB output.

With integrated AEC microphones and speakers, this all-in-one conferencing system offers exceptional coverage in huddle spaces. A 4 metre microphone pickup will easily cover huddle spaces corner to corner. Plus, an optional Vaddio microphone can be integrated to extend the pickup range.

A ultra-wide 125° HFOV on the HuddleSHOT ensures you get everyone in the picture, in even the smallest areas.

HuddleSHOT is easy-to-deploy, easy-to-manage and easy-to-use. A plug-and-play USB connection integrates with PC’s seamlessly, and an intuitive user interface makes is simple to manage multiple devices remotely.


IntelliSHOT is the only industry solution that allows AV integrators to adjust the framing for speed, sensitivity and image size.

This allows you to deliver the most precise and reliable auto-framing experience. IntelliSHOT is a ePTZ camera designed for fitting all meeting participants perfectly in shot, or accurately following a presenter around a room.

With simultaneous HDMI, USB 3.0 and IP connections, its applications are flexible. Connect direct to a PC for video conferencing, stream over IP to platforms like YouTube or Panopto, or send your content to a recording encoder.

Two built-in beamforming microphones with AEC make it a great choice for simplifying audio endpoints. Plus, a balanced audio I/O allows for simple integration with external audio systems.

Vaddio - IntelliSHOT

Vaddio - ConferenceSHOT ePTZ

ConferenceSHOT ePTZ

An auto-framing ePTZ camera the recreates the one-to-one videoconference experience perfectly.

The ConferenceSHOT ePTZ is a USB camera with a super-wide 129° field-of-view, ideally suited in small collaboration rooms and huddle spaces.

Using the devices interface, integrators can use custom settings to adjust the auto-framing sensitivity and mask high-traffic areas from auto-framer i.e. glass panels and doorways.

An integrated omnidirectional microphone with built-in AEC, is a convenient feature for display carts or huddle spaces where minimal equipment is required.

Simultaneous USB 3.0, HDMI and IP streaming allows for integration in various applications and integration with platforms like YouTube and Panopto.