What is EasyIP?

EasyIP is an AV-over-IP system made up of PTZ cameras, Dante microphones, USB encoders, and a touch screen controller, designed to move video conferencing onto the network.

EasyIP is designed for simplifying video conferencing systems that are utilising multiple PTZ cameras, or need to transmit data over long distances.

All the equipment in the system is either connected to a network switch, or direct to an encoder, and can be managed via a web interface or the Device Controller.

Why Choose EasyIP?

  1. Due to the EasyIP systems living on the network, all your devices are connected via CAT cabling. This removes the need for any USB extension cables/systems, saving you plenty of time and money during installation.
  2. In videoconferencing applications, multi-camera setups are difficult to execute correctly and cost-effectively. However, with EasyIP, you can switch between 4 camera feeds seamlessly during your conferences, without needing any extra equipment.
  3. A Dante I/O on the EasyIP Mixer allows for connection of up to four of Vaddio’s (or a 3rd parties) Dante microphones. This will provide you with excellent audio coverage in most spaces video conferencing spaces.
  4. With the system being AV-over-IP, expanding in the future is simple. If you’re wanting to add another camera, just connect it to your switch. If you’re wanting to add another microphone, just connect it to your switch. Need another Mixer in the system for sharing camera feeds between two PCs? Just add it to the switch!
  5. If you’re installing an EasyIP system into a space with an existing audio solution, needn’t you worry. Both encoders can integrate with external audio systems due to analog I/O’s and a Line In/Out adapter.

EasyIP Cameras

An integral part of the EasyIP Ecosystem, the EasyIP camera is an AV-over-IP solution for video conferencing in a variety of solutions.

Designed to send 1080p/60 resolution feeds to your UC soft clients, the cameras connect to a 1GB PoE+ switch, eliminating the need for USB extensions.

There are two variants to the camera, the EasyIP10 and EasyIP20. The 10 is designed for use in small, medium and large conferencing spaces. Whereas the 20 is more suited for lecture capture, remote learning and conferencing in large meeting rooms.

Up to four EasyIP cameras can be utilised in one system, allowing for multi-camera video conferencing in corporate, healthcare, government and education environments.

Vaddio - EasyIP Camera

Vaddio - EasyIP Decoder

EasyIP Decoder

The EasyIP Decoder allows for seamless control and switching of PTZ cameras.

Providing a USB 3.0 stream of video and audio to the conference rooms PC or BYOD, the Decoder can support up to four cameras at once. Seamless switching of the cameras is then available within the Decoders web interface, or through the Device Controller.

Up to two Vaddio microphones can be connected to your Decoder for efficient coverage in medium meeting spaces. Both the TableMIC and CeilingMIC are compatible with the Decoder, and simply connect direct to the device via CAT cabling.

EasyIP Mixer

The EasyIP Mixer revolutionises the complex classroom A/V system, replacing expensive HDMI cable runs with category cabling.

Pair the Mixer with up to four cameras located on the network, plus an additional HDMI input for simple content sharing via a PC. Useful picture-in-picture streams allows users to produce professional looking content.

Simultaneous 1080p/60 USB 3.0 and HDMI outputs enable multipurpose video distribution. Users can simultaneously record to a local PC and magnify the video through a room projector, whilst also interfacing with popular conferencing applications.

A 4×4 Dante I/O removes complicated audio routing and it’s easy to pair up to four Dante microphones throughout a space.

Vaddio - EasyIP Mixer

Vaddio - Device Controller

Device Controller

Control all Vaddio devices with a web interface through its Device Controller.

A 10-inch colour touch panel, Device Controller can be the perfect assistant to your EasyIP system.

PoE+ powered, the controller can manage each of the cameras and microphones in your system. Seamlessly switch between video sources, alter presets and control a cameras PTZ, adjust volume levels, mute microphones and more.

The Device Controller is only compatible with Vaddio products and cannot control 3rd party devices.

EasyIP Ecosystem Kits

As an easy way to join the AV-over-IP videoconferencing world, Vaddio has put together kits for each of its EasyIP systems.

Comprised of one camera, one receiver and one pre-configured Luxul AMS-1208P switch, you have everything you need to get started, in one easy-to-order bundle.

Seperate kits are available for both the EasyIP 10 and 20 cameras, in addition to the Decoder and Mixer.

If you’re wanting to install a multi-camera system, simply buy your extra cameras alongside the kits and connect them to your Luxul switch!

Vaddio - EasyIP Kit