AV Bridge Nano

The AV Bridge Nano is a compact yet powerful video capture and streaming device tailored for IT professionals and enterprise users. Offering seamless conversion of HDMI sources into USB and IP connections, it facilitates soft-conferencing and streaming applications with ease. Its portable design allows for discreet mounting under tables, behind displays, or within mobile conferencing setups.

The device boasts compatibility with popular soft conferencing platforms like Microsoft Teams and Zoom, as well as video editing software such as Adobe Premiere and OBS Studio.

Additionally, its networking capabilities enable high-quality live streaming on various platforms, while features like HDMI pass-through streamline integration into existing setups like Cisco codecs.

With added security features like the Kensington lock port, the AV Bridge Nano ensures peace of mind for users, while installers seeking more advanced functionalities are directed towards other models in the AV Bridge lineup.

Vaddio - AV Bridge 2x1

AV Bridge 2x1

Vaddio’s AV Bridge 2×1 combines networked audio and video mixing functionality, all into a single device.

Connect either 2 HDMI cameras, or 1 HDMI camera and 1 PC presentation, and switch between the 2 sources or deliver them picture-in-picture.

Concurrent USB 3.0, HDMI and IP streaming allows for flexible video distribution in multi-functional rooms.

A 4×4 Dante I/O on the AV Bridge 2×1, offers scalable networked audio to meet the needs of any application. Plus, 2 mic/line inputs and outputs if the room has an existing audio system.

AV Bridge Mini

The AV Bridge Mini encodes, captures and streams content in a convenient, compact half-rack size.

The Mini takes the HDMI output from a codec/camera, and bridges it into any soft codec via USB. In addition, it can also simultaneously stream over IP to live streaming platforms like YouTube, Panopto, and LiveStream.

PoE+ on the AV Bridge Mini removes the need for a power supply, simplifying its install. The device also features a mixer for controlling the audio levels and outputs.

As well, it’s able to integrate with external DSPs, by providing two balanced audio line inputs and outputs.

Vaddio - AV Bridge Mini

Vaddio - AV Bridge MatrixMIX

AV Bridge MatrixMIX

The industries first multipurpose AV production switcher, that brings live event production to unified conferencing applications.

The AV Bridge MatrixMIX offers a multifunctional feature set to combine switching, advanced camera control, streaming and graphics mixing capabilities – all from a single appliance.

The MatrixMIX is an 8×2 video mixer that also provides a multi viewer output. Its 11×7 audio mixer supports analog, HDMI, USB and IP audio channels.

It offers embedded RTSP IP and USB 3.0 output streaming and two graphic keying layers per output channel.

This product is an excellent solution when partnered with a PCC Camera Controller and TeleTouch 27 touchscreen.

OneLINK Bridge

Make your camera a conferencing camera with Vaddio’s OneLINK Bridge system.

The OneLINK Bridge connects a non-USB camera and audio source, and bridges to a USB stream for easy connection to conferencing applications.

The OneLINK Bridge kit also simplifies installations. It extends power, video and control to your camera over a single CAT cable up to 328ft (100m).

The OneLINK system is compatible with the following: Vaddio’s HDBaseT and HDMI cameras, Polycom’s EagleEye and Group Codec series, and Cisco’s Precision and SX or C-Series codecs.

Vaddio - OneLINK Bridge