The RoboSHOT range is the largest and most popular of Vaddio’s PTZ cameras.

With 12x and 30x optical zoom models, in addition to UHD and 4K, the RoboSHOT cameras can cover a broad scale of broadcasting and audio visual applications.

Each of the RoboSHOT 12 and 30 cameras are available in various models. Both cameras have models with USB, HDMI, SDI, HDBT, NDI and IP outputs, in various formats.

All of the cameras are PoE+, removing the need to use power supplies, which can be tricky to install. You can partner any of the RoboSHOT cameras with Vaddio’s automated tracking system, RoboTRAK, and create a system with the perfect optical zoom and outputs for your install.

Vaddio - RoboSHOT - PTZ Cameras

Vaddio - ConferenceSHOT


ConferenceSHOT is Vaddio’s main range of USB PTZ cameras.

Designed specifically for use in huddle rooms and medium-sized meeting spaces, it is available in 2 variations: ConferenceSHOT 10, a PTZ camera with a 10x optical zoom, and ConferenceSHOT AV, which can be partnered with a speaker and two Vaddio microphones.

Each of the ConferenceSHOT cameras support an Ethernet connection, with the 10 offering simultaneous IP streaming and the AV supporting PoE+.

Available in Black and White, these cameras are an ideal solution for your high-end conferencing applications.


Enclosed within its recessed ceiling mounting case, RoboFLIP is a in-ceiling HD PTZ camera.

The camera is designed for capturing events or videoconferencing, where being aware of an active video status is of critical importance.

With its unique “flipping” design and Vaddio’s industry-leading Tri-Synchronous Motion technology, the camera silently rotates and provides ultra-smooth pan, tilt and zoom.

The camera’s HDBaseT output allows for flexible installation options. Power with a PoE++ network switch or mid-span power injector for an IP streaming configuration. Alternatively, connect to a OneLINK extension system for USB, HDMI, SDI and IP outputs.

Vaddio - RoboFLIP