CDT-100 is an advanced Dante communication product, which bridges analog microphones into a Dante network.

The unit can input 4 microphone elements (i.e. 4 x ARM 100-RF or 2 x ARM 202-RF) and transport their audio and control over a network.

This solution removes the need to install tricky audio cabling over long distances, and instead replace it with cheap, flexible CAT cabling.

In larger spaces, up to 6 CDT-100 units can be daisy-chained together, extending the number of microphones you can connect.

RGB Touch Switches can be integrated with the CDT-100, providing clear indications of the microphone status.

Clockaudio - CDT-100 - Interfaces & Pre-Amps

Clockaudio - CUI-2 - Interfaces & Pre-Amps


Configured your own microphone solution and customise it to suit your work environment with CUI-2.

Integrate any of Clockaudio’s single or dual element boundary or gooseneck microphones into the CUI-2 interface. You can then seamlessly bridge these to your PC and add professional audio to your conferences.

The USB output is completely plug-and-play and requires no drivers for installation. Plus, with a Touch Switch port, you can pair your microphones with Touch Switch for clearly indication of its status.

Whether you’re using the CUI-2 at home, in a podcast studio, or in a huddle space, you’ll always be guaranteed professional audio.