Retracta Microphones

Motorised and manually retractable microphones that help prevent damage and offer assurance they’re muted.

With both omnidirectional and cardioid elements, Clockaudio’s ARM and CRM series are designed to sit above the table surface when on, and flush to the surface when off.

The ARM series are digitally motorised, meaning they don’t need to be physically touched to retract into the table.

The CRM series on the other hand are manual, meaning they do need to be pressed for retraction.

Both microphone series have a built-in RF filter, balanced output levels and variants with either 1, 2 or 3 microphone elements.

Clockaudio - Retracta - Boundary Microphones

Clockaudio - CS-S Series - Boundary Microphones

CS Series

A high performance, easy installation boundary layer microphone with either 1, 2, 3 or 4 elements.

The CS Series is designed to be placed in the middle of a conference table, with participants facing the condenser element. The designs accommodate both side and bottom cable exits, allowing them to be both mobile or permanent applications.

The CS Series utilises a half-cardioid polar pattern, providing excellent audio pickup and also a fully balanced audio output.

An RGB version of the series features Clockaudio’s famous halo ring and capacitive touch switch, for simple muting of the microphones.