Clockaudio - C 303-RF - Ceiling Microphones

Ceiling Microphones

For rooms with limited table space and plenty of head room, ceiling microphones are a perfect solution.

Typically used in video conferencing and presentation environments, ceiling microphones offer both technical and aesthetical benefits. Microphone arrays like the C 303 feature wide audio pickup and allow users to freely speak into the room, without worrying about being heard.

Their discrete, modern designs also pose benefits to interior designers. They can seamlessly integrate with a rooms aesthetics and remove the need for installing microphones in furniture.

From pendant cardioid microphones, to suspended shotgun omnidirectional microphones, Clockaudio can offer a solution for taking your audio off the table.

Clockaudio - Retracta - Boundary Microphones

Boundary Microphones

Through table, table top, retracting, omnidirectional, cardioid…the list goes on and on.

Clockaudio offer an extensive range of boundary microphones, perfect for a whole host of applications. Each of Clockaudio’s boundary microphones can be partnered with (or come with one built-in) an RGB Touch Switch. These provide a clear indication of the microphones status when touched – green for unmuted, red for muted.

A unique feature for a selection of Clockaudio’s boundary microphones is their ability to retract. With motorised and manual units, users can hide their microphones away when they’re not in use. This helps prevent damage and gives assurance that the mics are muted.

Clockaudio - Condenser Gooseneck Microphones

Gooseneck Microphones

Gooseneck microphones are designed predominantly for speech purposes and paging.

Used widely in boardrooms, court rooms, and commercial applications, the universally recognisable gooseneck microphone offers excellent speech clarity and flexibility.

These microphones are designed for capturing the voice of an individual, whilst avoiding picking any unwanted background noise. This is extremely beneficial in presentation, house of worship, and commercial applications where there may be other noises in the room.

Clockaudio offer a vast selection of goosenecks in a range of sizes and shafts – from Condenser goosenecks, to Dynamic gooseneck, and also Halo goosenecks.

Clockaudio - CCRM 4000 C 303 motorised ceiling microphone

Motorised Ceiling Microphones

Hide your ceiling microphones away when they’re not in use with CCRM 4000.

In boardrooms, conferencing and court rooms where privacy and confidentiality is required, ensuring microphones are hidden away and muted is highly beneficial.

Clockaudio’s CCRM 4000 system is available with two microphone options – C 3 Shotgun and C 303. The C 3 Shotgun microphone is ideally suited for picking up an individual, whereas the C 303 can pickup multiple individuals in a specific area.

Clockaudio’s motorised microphones are designed with Master and Slave units. The Slave units will daisy-chain to one Master unit meaning there’s one point of control. Up to 99 Slave units can be connected together for coverage in large spaces.

Clockaudio - CDT-100 - Interfaces & Pre-Amps

Interfaces & Pre-Amps

Clockaudio’s interfaces & pre-amps includes its Dante Transporter, CDT-100, and a USB interface, CUI-2.

The CDT-100 bridges Clockaudio’s boundary, gooseneck and ceiling microphones into a Dante system. Allowing connection of up to 4 microphone elements, CDT-100 lets you convert traditional analog microphones, into flexible networkable ones.

CUI-2 is Clockaudio’s brand new USB interface. Bridge a selection of its professional boundary and gooseneck microphones direct into your PC, without the need of a DSP. Connect up to 2 microphone elements to one CUI-2 unit and bridge them straight into your UC soft client of choice!