Clockaudio’s latest and greatest addition to the portfolio – a intelligent voice tracking microphone.

The TIM-1000 has a discrete, flush-mounted design with unmatched audio tracking abilities and easy setup and installation.

A single TIM-1000 can cover a space up to 9x9M, due to its super-wide coverage and 360° audio pickup. These features make TIM the perfect audio solution for multi-configuration rooms that alternate layouts regularly.

All traditional audio cabling is replaced with cheap CAT due to TIM’s Dante integration. This reduces installation time drastically and allows TIM to be part of larger Dante infrastructures.

Clockaudio - TIM-1000

Clockaudio - C 303-RF - Ceiling Microphones

C 303-RF

Tri-element array suspended ceiling microphones with 360° coverage.

Clockaudio’s C 303-RF is designed for unobtrusive all round high-quality pickup in boardrooms, conferencing, court rooms and more.

Designed in the common pendant style, the C 303-RF contains 3 high sensitivity cardioid microphone capsules. This offers exceptional audio pickup, and with an RJ45 out, users have fast connection to a DSP or mixer.

Supplied with a 2.5M cable terminating in a Mini XLR connector, the C 303-RF is ideal for use in rooms with high ceilings.

Available in both Black and White.

C 303-D

Take everything that’s good from the C 303-RF, and add a sprinkle of Dante magic.

Designed again for unobtrusive all round high-quality pickup, the C 303-D mic array reduces both installation time and cost.

Requiring only one CAT cable from microphone to DSP, the C 303-D can transmit power, data, and control over a solitary cable.

In rooms / buildings already utilising a network, integrating the C 303-D is no hassle. All you’ll need is are spare ports in your network switch.

Available in both Black and White.

Clockaudio - C 303-D - Ceiling Microphones

Clockaudio - C 8S-RF-CP - Ceiling Microphones

C 3 / C8 Series

Semi-rigid gooseneck ceiling microphones for capturing an individuals voice.

Both the C 3 and C 8 Series are cardioid condenser microphones with a short flexible shaft and knuckle joint.

Designed specifically for speech applications, both microphones have a unobtrusive slimline design and are response optimised for consistent sound quality.

Engineered in high-quality brass and made from superior grade components, the C Series offer excellent reliability and durability.