Condenser Goosenecks

Clockaudio’s condenser gooseneck microphones are available in cardioid, shotgun and twin mount models.

The C 3 series are cardioid pattern microphones, offering fully flexible, semi-rigid and knuckle joint options. They are response optimised for a consistent sound quality and have an unobtrusive slimline design.

The shotgun goosenecks from Clockaudio are suitable for speech in a wide range of pro and live sound applications. They are excellent for identifying an individuals voice, and focusing solely on that.

The twin mount goosenecks feature two independent microphones which offer a fail safe operation. If one microphone goes down, the other will kick in and take over.

Clockaudio - Condenser Gooseneck Microphones

Clockaudio - Dynamic Gooseneck Microphones

Dynamic Goosenecks

Dynamic cardioid goosenecks are designed for speech purposes in a variety of commercial installations.

These durable, rugged all-metal microphones are available with both fully flexible and semi-rigid shafts, and come in a variety of lengths.

For paging applications, Clockaudio manufacture desk paging cardioid microphones with single and two zone options.

These feature a choice of dynamic gooseneck microphones and are ideal for making announcements in retail, entertainment and industrial applications.

Halo Goosenecks

Clockaudio’s Halo goosenecks are an expansion of its C 3 Series condenser microphones.

Fitted with a high brightness halo ring around the head of the microphone, it’s easy to distinguish its status.

These Halo microphones are an ideal solution for conference halls, places of worship, broadcasting and paging systems. This is due to the high brightness LED halo giving an easy visual indication of which person is talking.

Engineered in high quality brass and made from superior grade components, you’re guaranteed durability and reliability from these microphones.

Clockaudio - Halo Gooseneck Microphones