ASP-04 is Angekis’ wireless USB speakerphone for clear audio pickup in small meeting spaces.

Utilising a foldable 2.4G SMA antenna to connect wirelessly to your PC, users can place the ASP-04 unit wherever suits them best.

The speakerphones are simply plug-and-play, no drivers are needed, meaning installations are a breeze. For charging the device, a charging dock is available in which the ASP-04 simply sits inside of.

360° audio pickup, acoustic echo cancellation, and dynamic noise reduction ensures you’re going to be heard loud and clear.

Angekis - ASP-04 - Speakerphones

Angekis - ASP-04D-2 - Speakerphones


For wireless coverage in larger spaces, Angekis’ ASP-04 is available in a daisy-chain unit.

Combine two of the wireless speakerphone units together and double the number of participants you can pickup in a room.

Wireless conferencing audio is generating more and more interest, with users wanting an audio solution that’s flexible. The ASP-04D-2 units can provide this, with reduced installation times and flexible microphone locations.



Angekis’ ASP-05 is a wired speakerphone for small sized meeting rooms and huddle spaces with up to 6 participants.

With connection to your PC via USB 2.0, the ASP-05 can provide an excellent two-way audio solution in BYOD conferencing environments.

The speakerphone is completely plug-and-play with no drivers needed, and is ready to go as soon as its connected to the PC.

Similarly with the ASP-04, the 05 features 360° audio coverage, alongside acoustic cancellation and dynamic noise reduction.

Angekis - ASP-05

Angekis - ASP-10


Designed for professional video conferencing in medium to large meeting rooms.

The latest addition to Angekis’ speakerphone range, the ASP-10 features a 5M radial pickup with 360° coverage. Simple plug-and-play design via USB, the ASP-10 only requires one cable for connection to your PC.

The main party piece in the devices armoury is its ability to be muted and unmuted using hand gestures. Simply swipe your hand over the top of the devices and the mics will be either live or muted.

When you daisy chain two of the ASP-10 units together, they become wireless units that can provide audio in larger meeting spaces. The speakerphones utilise a 2.4G USB antenna and remove the need for any cabling to be installed.