One Touch

All-in-one video conferencing with Angekis’ One Touch!

Incorporating an AI powered 4K camera, beamforming microphone array with AEC and loudspeakers, One Touch adds premium audio and video to huddle rooms and small meeting spaces.

A 120° super-wide HFOV without fisheye or image distortion, can pickup all meeting participants in even the smallest of spaces. This, partnered with its 4K sensor, guarantees an exceptional video output.

The four-element mic array includes AEC, dynamic noise reduction and DSP audio processing, with an optimal pickup range of 5M.

USB-C connectivity allows for simple integration with virtually all soft codecs. Plus, it can be use alongside a Barco ClickShare due to Angekis’ partnership!

Angekis - One Touch - All-In-One Cameras

Angekis - Compact One - All-In-One Cameras

Compact One

All the best features of the One Touch, rolled into one compact, high-performance ePTZ camera.

The newly released Compact One can provide high-quality video and audio capture at home, at your desk, in huddle rooms, or on the move!

Made to sit on top of a screen or display, Compact One integrates a crystal clear, 4K resolution camera with two built-in microphones. With an optimal audio pickup distance of 5M, the device can be used in small or large huddle spaces.

An impressive 120° HFOV comfortably picks up everyone in the room, whilst smooth and precise group auto-framing centres everyone centre of shot.


The Angekis Torpedo is a premium optical glass camera designed for professionals seeking top-tier performance. This camera features high-end Optical Glass known for its exceptional light transmittance (over 95%) and optical stability. These qualities result in vibrant colors, sharp images, and precise control over the visible light spectrum, ensuring outstanding visual quality.

Accelafocus, a cutting-edge autofocus technology by Angekis, sets a new standard in autofocus performance. Using optical phase detection, it achieves lightning-fast focus in under 0.1 seconds, ensuring your image is always clear and sharp. Comparing Accelafocus to other autofocus technologies on the market demonstrates its superior capabilities.

In terms of its form factor, the Torpedo is designed for durability and convenience. Its robust metal casing is not only sleek but also protects the advanced electronics within. The anodized, fingerprint-proof metal surface ensures it looks great in any environment. Additionally, its shape and built-in bracket stand make it easy to transport, set up at different angles, and adapt to various settings, making it ideal for professionals on the move.