The A-RS232TC is a versatile joystick controller designed for controlling Angekis video conference cameras, including SONY cameras, and other camera systems. It features a 3-axis joystick for seamless control and switching between up to 7 daisy-chained Saber cameras, allowing for precise control of camera focus and up to 46 camera presets.

It is fully compatible with the VISCA protocol, which Angekis cameras also use. This controller offers the flexibility to set independent address codes for Angekis cameras, program updates online based on customer protocols, and the ability to connect to a computer via RS485 interface for firmware updates.

Notably, it includes a unique control code learning function, allowing customers to customize control code commands. The A-RS232TC offers various communication modes, anti-jamming design, and a user-friendly LCD display, making it an ideal tool for real-time camera control in diverse applications.

Camera Controllers

Camera Controllers


The AN-IPC-01 is an IP-based joystick controller designed for Angekis cameras. It offers precise control with a 3-axis joystick, allowing users to seamlessly switch between up to 125 IP-based cameras, set camera presets, and control camera focus. This network PTZ keyboard controller addresses the issue of inaccurate and inconvenient mouse clicks for controlling PTZ cameras. It features a high-quality design with a metal aluminum wire-drawing surface that effectively prevents scratches and boasts an industrial-class blue screen LCD display, ensuring excellent visibility.

The controller supports the standard ONVIF protocol, ensuring compatibility and scalability, with a built-in web server that simplifies configuration. It allows users to control multiple IP devices, offering functions like focus, zoom, iris, preset, and patrol. Additionally, it features a 160×32 blue dot LCD display for user convenience, making it an essential tool for precise control of network dome cameras.


The AN-CTK-01 serves as an RS-232 and IP joystick controller designed for Angekis cameras. With its four-dimensional joystick, it enables the simultaneous control of up to 7 cameras from a single keyboard, or the control of a single camera via multiple keyboards. It features a 3.12-inch OLED screen to display setting information and allows for the configuration and control of camera presets.

This versatile and user-friendly controller supports a range of control ports, including LAN, RS232, RS422, and RS485, and is compatible with multiple control protocols like Visca Serial, PELCO-P, PELCO-D, VISCA over IP, VISCA TCP, VISCA UDP, ONVIF, and NDI. Users can set different levels of operation permissions through the OSD menu and enjoy button key backlighting for low-light environments. It supports the setting, running, and clearing of presets, offers daisy chain functionality, allows camera OSD menu configuration, and supports standard POE (Power Over Ethernet). With support for up to 7 camera shortcut control buttons, it enhances the efficiency of camera control and switching between multiple cameras.

Additionally, it supports adaptive network RJ45 connections with varying speeds, making it a comprehensive and adaptable controller for video conferencing, live streaming, broadcasting, and video surveillance applications.

Camera Controllers