Angekis - Saber Plus - PTZ Cameras

PTZ Cameras

Whatever the application, whatever the environment, Angekis has PTZ cameras for you.

Its portfolio of high-quality PTZ cameras range from simple plug-and-play USB, to simultaneous streaming, recording and video conferencing.

Mainly designed for USB plug-and-play, Angekis can also cater for HDMI/SDI video recording and IP/NDI streaming. Its partnerships with vMix, Panopto, and Barco ClickShare means its cameras can work seamlessly with big industry brands.

The Blade is Angekis’ plug-and-play USB cameras for all video conferencing environments, whilst the Saber range can cater to conferencing, streaming, recording, broadcast and more.

Angekis - One Touch - All-In-One Cameras

All-In-One Cameras

Conferencing in huddle rooms and small meeting spaces is made even easier with all-in-one cameras.

By having both your video and audio built into one compact device, you’re removing the need to install multiple devices. One device with one USB cable is needed for high-quality BYOD conferencing.

One Touch, Angekis’ all-in-one conferencing camera, provides professional-grade video with two-way audio, alongside intelligent group auto-framing and single person tracking.

The Compact One is Angekis’ latest all-in-one device. A small form-factor ePTZ camera, Compact One is designed to sit on top of your laptop, monitor or display and capture both the video and audio in huddle spaces and home offices.

Angekis - ASP-04D-2 - Speakerphones


Pair your PTZ cameras with excellent two-way audio from wireless and USB speakerphones.

The ASP range of speakerphones can provide top-quality audio in huddle spaces, small meeting rooms, and even boardrooms with some of its daisy-chaining kits.

Each device features 360° audio pick-up, digital audio processing, echo cancellation, and noise reduction. All these built-in technologies can guarantee exceptional audio quality in conferencing scenarios.

Daisy-chain units of Angekis’ ASP-04 and ASP-10 speakerphones allows the devices to be used in larger spaces. Plus, with the ASP-10 featuring a 5M pick-up radius, even the largest of meeting rooms can be covered.

Angekis - ASP-C-02 - Ceiling Microphone Systems

Ceiling Microphone Systems

Take your audio off-the-table and partner your Angekis cameras with its ceiling microphone systems.

Comprised of an audio processor and suspended ceiling microphones, Angekis’ ceiling microphone systems take professional-grade audio and bridges it to your PC.

Angekis manufacture two ceiling systems – the ASP-C-01 and ASP-C-02. Both systems feature two ceiling microphones and an alternative digital signal processor.

Both of the processors are designed to bridge your audio into PC-based applications like Zoom and Teams via USB outputs. In addition, the larger processor (ASP-C-01), can also connect to streaming devices via its recording output.

Angekis - Accuscan

Accuscan – Temperature Checking Solution

Accuscan is a temperature checking solution with AI and facial recognition.

Made up of a tablet and a camera, this temperature checking device is accurate to +/- 0.2°C, can process up to 3 people per minute and has a temperature detection distance of 0.3 – 0.5M.

The device can be used in two modes – Quick Scan and Face Detection. Quick Scan records the face and scans the temperature for fast moving channels. Face Detection on the other hand detects and matches a face to the records and logs the temperature taken.

No human control is needed with the Accuscan. The device can automatically control entry and non entry of personnel at doors, gates, and other access points.

Angekis - IP Controller

Video Accessories

Behind a lot of video installations, are accessories which help the content come to life.

Angekis manufacture two joystick camera controllers – one via RS-232, the other  via IP. Both its RS-232 and IP controllers offer smooth and precise control of multiple Angekis cameras from one device.

If you’re looking to extend your USB connection, Angekis offer both USB 3.0 fibre cables and a 4-port extender. The fibre extension cables range from 10 – 30M, whilst it 4-port extender offers USB 2.0 extension over CAT up to 50M.

Mount all Saber and Blade cameras flush to the ceiling using its Black and White ceiling mount brackets. For suspended ceiling installation, a U-Shape mounting pole is available at various lengths.