AGS - Unmanaged Switches

Luxul’s AGS-1016 and AGS-1024 are 16- and 24-port Gigabit rack mountable switches. They feature rear panel PoE ports and front facing LEDs, for clean integration with AV rack systems.

They provide exceptional performance, quality and reliability and are a great choice for expanding your wired network or setting up a VoIP, multimedia or extreme gaming environment.

With 32 and 48Gbps switching capacity, these switches let you network ethernet-enabled devices at full-duplex, non-blocking Gigabit speeds.

  • AGS-1016-U – 16-Port Gigabit Switch.
  • AGS-1024-U – 24-Port Gigabit Switch.
Luxul - AGS Switches - Unmanaged Switches

Luxul - SW-100-05PD - Unmanaged Switches

SW-100 - PoE+ Unmanaged Switches

The SW-100 PoE+ unmanaged switches are small form factor network switches, with PoE+ ports capable of Gb Ethernet connectivity.

These switches are an excellent choice for expanding your network when using PoE-enabled devices such as IP cameras, wireless access points, AV over IP devices, control panels and more.

The SW-100-05PD is Luxuls 5-port PoE+ switch, but is unique as it features PoE passthrough. One of the Gb Ethernet ports allows the powering of a PoE device, such as a camera, control interface or AV over IP receiver.

  • SW-100-04P-U – 4-Port PoE+ Switch with Uplink.
  • SW-100-05PD – 5-Port PoE+ Powered Multi-Mount Switch with PoE Passthrough.
  • SW-100-08P-U – 8-Port PoE+ Switch with Uplink.