Rear Facing Ports

The Luxul AV Series Gigabit switches feature rear panel ports and front facing LEDs.

This set up allows for clean integration with AV rack systems and is an excellent choice for expanding your network. These network switches can work alongside any PoE-enabled devices such as VoIP, IP cameras, and Wireless Access Points.

These PoE switches ranges from having 8 to 24 PoE+ ports and can handle a total power of 130W to 250W. They also feature simple and advanced management, VLAN and security capabilities to provide benefit to your home or office network.

  • AMS-1208P – 12-Port / 8 PoE+
  • AMS-1816P – 18-Port / 16 PoE+
  • AMS-2624P – 26-Port / 24 PoE+
  • SW-610-24P-R-U – 24 PoE+
Luxul - AV Series

Luxul - XMS

Front Facing Ports

Sometimes getting to the rear of a network switch can be tricky. That’s why Luxul created a range of managed network switches with its ports on the front.

An excellent choice for expanding your network when using PoE devices, these switches offer an easy-to-use solution for applications with tricky installation conditions.

With switches ranging from 8 to 48 PoE+ ports, there’s a solution available for all application sizes. There total power budget also ranges from 130W to 740W.

  • XMS-1208P – 12-Port / 8 PoE+
  • XMS-2624P – 26-Port / 24 PoE+
  • SW-510-48P-F – 48 PoE+
  • SW-610-48P-F – 48 PoE+