Luxul - AV Series

Managed Switches

Managed switches let users adjust each port on the switch to any setting, enabling them to manage, configure and monitor the network in many ways.

Luxuls PoE+ managed switches feature both front and rear facing ports, for clean integrations with various AV rack systems. These are an excellent choice for expanding your network when using PoE-enabled devices such as VoIP, IP cameras and wireless access points.

Auto-Recovery and Power Scheduling is a feature of all its managed switches, enabling your switch to reboot PoE-connected devices and trigger them to power connected devices on or off.

Luxul - SW-100-05PD - Unmanaged Switches

Unmanaged Switches

Unmanaged switches are inexpensive and simply enable Ethernet devices to communicate with one another. They are equipped with a fixed configuration that cannot be changed or modified.

Luxul’s range of unmanaged network switches are available in both small and large form factors. If you’re looking for a reliable, compact way of expanding your network of IP cameras, wireless access points or AV over IP devices, the SW-100 switches are perfect.

If you’re looking to expand your wired network or set up a VoIP / multimedia environment, its AGS unmanaged switches are better suited. These feature 16 or 24-ports and provide exceptional performance, quality and reliability.

Luxul - Self-Healing

PoE Self-Healing

Unlock the power of Self-Healing, with Luxuls new addition for a select number of switches. The two new Self-Healing upgrades which they have introduced to their switches are Auto-Recovery and Power Scheduling.

Auto-Recovery enables your switch to reboot PoE-connected device when they fall offline or go unresponsive. You’ll never get another call about devices freezing up, your switches will take care of them automatically.

Power-Scheduling triggers switches to power PoE-connected devices on or off, based on whatever schedule you create. Easily schedule devices to power down overnight, over the weekend or whenever you request.