12 February 2020

Pole Mount TIM-1000 Released

ClockAudio released its Tracking Intelligent Microphone, the TIM-1000, late 2019 and already it’s changing the way people use and install audio.

The standard TIM-1000 is installed as a flush mounted microphone, which sits in line with the ceiling, however; ClockAudio have developed a mount which can turn TIM into a suspended device. ClockAudio have developed this mount to combat a number of potential installation issues.

Firstly, for rooms with high ceilings, you can now suspend TIM from the ceiling, sitting it closer to the speakers for optimal audio pickup. Due to ClockAudio only supplying the mount for TIM, and not the pole itself, users can suspend TIM as far from the ceiling as they need. Installation and cabling is still simple when using the pole mounted version, as the 2-3 CAT cables you’ll have connected to TIM, will run through the inside of the pole.

For installations where there isn’t much space above the ceiling, the pole mounted TIM is perfect. With you not having to install a microphone box or any hidden areas of the microphone, you can use the pole mounted TIM with limited ceiling space, all you’ll need room for is the cabling.

If you’re not familiar with ClockAudio’s Tracking Intelligent Microphone, it is a Dante-enabled ceiling microphone that has been designed for use in AV conference and huddle room applications. TIM is equipped with ClockAudio’s Adaptive Proximity Tracking (APT) Technology and noise suppression, that guarantees to capture and deliver the best sound possible. TIM can be used in rooms featuring steady state noises such as air conditioning, projectors and fans, as it recognises and eliminates them from the audio pickup. Installation of TIM is just as simple as setting it up. The microphone sits flush to the ceiling and simply fits to a ceiling tile using ‘dog ears’ and a support bridge. For set up, simply use ClockAudio’s intuitive web GUI to adjust settings such as EQ, noise suppression and APT. Once these are setup to suit your room, TIM is ready for use.