What Is ARYA?

SpinetiX ARYA is a cloud-based digital signage platform, designed to help get you and your business noticed. ARYA allows you to set spectacularly visual images on an unlimited number of screens in minutes, using your photos, video, logo, and colour codes.

With ARYA, all the design work has been done for you. With 9 customisable templates, all you need to do is ‘drag and drop’ your content into the template and adjust the text and colours to suit you.

Installing ARYA and the signage players is easy, all you need to know is how many of them you’ll need. All players are connected via the cloud and only require a stable internet connection.



SpinetiX ARYA stands out from the crowd due to its use of cloud technology, and the simplicity in which it does so. Users can create and distribute content like never before.

If you’re not the creative type and/or have minimal time to produce quality content, ARYA provides templates that can give you professional content in minutes.

Traditional and digital signage can be time-consuming and difficult to keep current and new, however; with ARYA, you can schedule content weeks and months in advance.

As ARYA lives on the cloud, management of your content and players is simple. It can be done centrally from an office, or remotely while you’re on the move.

Another special feature of ARYA, is the simplicity in which users can add dynamic content. Features like RSS and weather feeds can be overlaid over corporate videos and images with ease, plus users can extract information from spreadsheets, documents and CRM systems and display this information on their screens.

Pair ARYA with HMP 400

For each display you want to share your content to, a SpinetiX player must be connected to it.

SpinetiX’s next generation player, HMP 400, is their most powerful piece of hardware yet and is capable of reliably delivering 4K 6-fps content for up to a decade.

Users can connect to an unlimited number of HMP 400 players with ARYA. Meaning project deployments aren’t limited, and the ability expand in the future is effortless.

Due to using the HMP 400 player with ARYA, all you need to provide the player with is a suitable internet connection.

The player features the first OS (Operating System) made specifically for digital signage. DSOS, a lightweight, secured operating system, lives within the HMP 400 player and is designed for 24/7 use and has all the security you need, built within it.

ARYA Discovery

The free Discovery plan has everything you need to get started with digital signage.

Create vibrant content in minutes by customising the 9 templates available with your own photos, videos, logo and colours.

The created content can be distributed to an unlimited number of displays, meaning your deployment size isn’t restricted. 1 user account is available per Discovery plan, which for small businesses with a single content creator, is enough.

Live chat support is also on hand for answering your questions and queries 24/7.

ARYA Enterprise

The Enterprise plan builds on Discovery, offering more users, a storage amount based on your needs, unlimited displays, editable templates and more.

The major difference between Discovery and Enterprise is its ability to upload projects from Elementi, SpinetiX’s powerful digital signage software.

If you’re a current Elementi user, or want to reap the benefits that Elementi offers, but you want to utilise it on the cloud, the Enterprise plan will allow you to do just that.