SpinetiX - ARYA

ARYA – Cloud-Based Signage

SpinetiX ARYA cloud-based digital signage software, designed for small and medium-sized businesses.

ARYA is the cloud-based visual communication solution designed for you and your business. Create visually appealing content to drive employee, guest, or customer attention. Set spectacularly visual messages on your display in minutes with your photos, videos, logo, and colour code.

ARYA is available in 3 plans – Discovery, Premium, Enterprise. Discovery is completely free to use and offers an insight into how you can use ARYA in your business. Users can then upgrade from Discovery to Premium or Enterprise for additions such as: more users, more storage, editable templates, tagging, custom templates, and more.

There’s so much to learn, so let’s get started!

SpinetiX - HMP 400

HMP 400 – Digital Signage Player

At the core of SpinetiX’s next generation digital signage solution, lies the HMP 400 digital signage player.

The powerful hardware you need capable of reliably delivering 4K at 60fps 24/7 for a decade, HMP 400 keeps you covered as your business evolves.

Together with its DSOS operating system, the player supports three modes of use, on top of the built-in SpinetiX ARYA cloud-based service – Widgets, Kiosk and Systems.

In Widget mode, you can combine the power of HMP 400 and versatility of Elementi and its 250+ widgets. Kiosk modes builds on this and allows you to offer rich interactive content and native support for HTML5. Finally, Systems mode lets you to integrate with IoT solutions and third-party technology.

SpinetiX - Elementi


Elementi is SpinetiX’s simple yet powerful digital signage software.

Deliver a visually rich experience to any combination of screens across all your networks. With Elementi, you can create high impact projects including: videowalls, interactive kiosks and live streaming video. Plus, you’re always one click away from previewing your project before sending it to your players.

Elementi works in parallel with the built-in web interface of HMP 400. This enables you to seamlessly delegate content creation between external agencies and your own creative team.

Elementi comes in 20 different languages and with 250+ professional and secure widgets. These automatically bring data from your everyday tools to the screen, drastically reducing content production costs.

SpinetiX - Apps and Widgets

Apps & Widgets

The future of digital signage is all about data-driven, high-impact content, delivered in an automated way to any combination of screens.

SpinetiX believe that creating such content should be a one-stop process. Its apps and widgets are your fast track to bringing data to your everyday tools, beautifully to the right audience at the right time.

Built into all of their players are 9 apps, available by default when editing a playout. Alongside these apps, SpinetiX have also integrated 250+ subscription-free Widgets available with Elementi. These allow you to display event timetables, media feeds, QR codes and so much more.