31 March 2021

Angekis Adds Audio Line In to Saber Cameras

Angekis has added an audio Line In to a number of its Saber PTZ cameras, for users wanting to route both their audio and video via a single IP connection. The audio addition to the cameras means that you can take the audio out from your microphone or DSP, and input it direct to your Saber camera and reduce the number of connections in your installation.

In applications such as houses of worship where keeping cabling to a minimum is crucial, the audio in on the Saber is highly beneficial. Integrators can run a single audio cable from the DSP or microphone to the camera, and then transmit both an audio and video signal via a solitary IP cable to their streaming platforms. With houses of worship typically having audio systems already installed, the new Line In Saber’ could be an excellent choice if they’re looking to incorporate a streaming system.

Despite the Saber being able to transmit an audio and video signal via IP, it is NOT able to directly transmit these signals over USB or HDMI to a PC or encoder/display. For users wanting to incorporate any of the Saber Line In models into their conferencing applications, a diagram of how to do it via PoE is available below.