One Touch

11 June 2021

Angekis Release All-In-One Camera – One Touch

When discussing the AV setup for huddle rooms, “seamless” seems to be a common factor in what both integrators and end users are looking for. Angekis’ new One Touch can provide that, with its video, microphones and speakers all integrated into one device.

With the One Touch being designed specifically for huddle rooms, its features have been tailored to maximise its performance in these spaces. It has been fitted with a 120-degree FOV, ensuring that everyone in the room fits in shot, plus its ground breaking optics guarantees zero fisheye or image distortion.

A 5x lossless zoom on the One Touch means that it is suited for large huddle spaces and when paired with its Group-Auto-Framing, One Touch can automatically zoom in and out to fit everyone in. As well as this, Group Auto-Framing automatically adjusts the images FOV as participants join or leave your meetings, meaning you don’t have to worry about stopping and adjusting the camera.

Angekis describes the One Touch’s audio as ‘Best-In-Class’, with it featuring 4 beamforming microphone arrays that target the individual speaking and block out any background noise. A 360-degree, 5 metre pickup range, ensures everyone in the room is heard crisp and clear and opens it up for us in larger huddle spaces. One Touch is full of embedded audio technology such as echo cancellation, dynamic noise reduction and DSP audio processing for excellent natural audio and making meetings more comfortable and productive.

Don’t worry about the One Touch not working with your UC soft client of choice, as its plug-and-play USB outputs means it is compatible with all VC software, ideal for BYOD environments. The One Touch also utilises a USB-C connection that can transmit data at a higher rate and supports reverse insertion. Along with the USB output, an RJ-45 port is available for PoE power in rooms and scenarios were there isn’t a nearby plug socket.

You won’t be limited for control with the One Touch as there’s a control method that suits everyone. For users wanting control via a remote, the One Touch is supplied with a RF remote for reliable and discreet control from anywhere in the room. Near end control is available through the Angekis NECC app for control via a PC and finally, UVC FECC allows for full camera control within conferencing applications such as Zoom.

Flexible mounting for the One Touch means it can be either installed on a table, a wall or above/below a display or monitor, taking all equipment off the desk and reducing cross-room cabling. The ability to mount One Touch above/below a display means it can be used on portable conferencing stations that can be transported between and around rooms.