TableMIC D

30 March 2021

Dante Table Microphones from Vaddio

Vaddio has announced the release of its Dante-enabled TableMIC microphones for partnering with its EasyIP Ecosystem, AV Bridge 2×1 or an existing Dante infrastructure. The TableMIC D microphone is an excellent choice for improving the audio quality in videoconferencing rooms, and has been optimised for speech performance.

With 360-degree coverage from its three unidirectional condenser microphone elements, a single TableMIC D microphone provides excellent coverage for a small meeting room. Up to four microphones can be paired together with an AV Bridge 2×1 or EasyIP Mixer for wider coverage in larger meeting rooms. Clever DSP technology is integrated into each of the microphones elements, with echo cancellation, equalisation, automatic gain control and noise filtering all helping provide a crisp audio pickup.

Due to the TableMIC now being Dante-enabled, installation is easy. Just connect a standard CAT-5 cable between the TableMIC D and your preferred PoE network switch and transmit power, control and audio all on one line. The microphone itself supports cable lengths of up to 328 feet (100m) between the microphone and switch. The TableMIC has been designed to reduce distracting noises that can arise in the conference room. The microphones solid metal base and engineered feet diminish table vibration noise that other microphones experience, plus its Digital Signal Processing removes any unwanted steady state noise in the room.

The top of the microphones feature a capacitive touch control surface for silent button operation and a VU meter. The ability for AV integrators to enable and disable button functionality during configuration can further simplify the end user’s videoconferencing experience.