23 September 2020

Vaddio Add Dante To Its Ceiling Microphone

Vaddio begin its entrance to the world of Dante audio, by releasing a Dante model of its highly popular CeilingMIC microphone.

The CeilingMIC D complements most interiors with its sleek design and quality acoustical wrap, allowing for discreet and aesthetically pleasing audio in your meeting spaces. Ceiling-mounted microphones create a clean look and eliminate table clutter, removing any equipment any wires from the desk.

ith full 360-degree pickup coverage, one CeilingMIC D provides excellent coverage for an average size meeting room table, and in large spaces or for larger tables, multiple CeilingMIC D’s can be used – the number of microphones is only limited by the availability of the network switch ports. Each CeilingMIC D unit delivers the performance of three microphone elements, with each cardioid element equipped with integrated echo cancellation and digital signage processing.

With its plug-and-play design, installation is as simple as connecting a CAT cable between the network switch and the CeilingMIC D microphone receiver. Power, control and audio are all incorporated into the single cable. The CeilingMIC pendant includes a 3ft adjustable drop cable and with a standard RJ45 connection, the pendant can be extended to a total length of 15ft from interface to box.

The microphone is compatible with all other Dante-enabled devices, giving you the freedom to pair them with products you’re familiar with or with products already within a Dante infrastructure.