5 October 2020

Angekis Adds NDI To Its Range

In case you’re not entirely sure what NDI is… it is a royalty-free software standard developed by NewTek, to enable video-compatible products to communicate, deliver and receiver broadcast quality video in a high quality, low latency manner that is frame-accurate and suitable for switching in a live production environment.

Angekis plan on manufacturing 3 NDI cameras, the Saber Plus NDI, Saber IP20x NDI and Saber 4K NDI, each embodying the standard Saber cameras just with the added NDI technology. Each of the three cameras utilise NDI/HX, which is the latest ‘high-efficiency’ version of NDI that has been optimised to open up a whole new world of devices.

The Saber Plus NDI will be best suited for general IP streaming requirements i.e. professional streaming on Facebook, YouTube and in classrooms, the Saber IP20x NDI has been designed for auditoriums, houses of worship, large classrooms and sporting events, whilst the Saber 4K NDI will be best suited for professional AV environments, TV and high-end broadcasting. Each camera will allow for streaming to platforms such as YouTube, Facebook Live and more via RTMP, making them ideally suited for todays installations.