11 August 2020

Temperature Checking Solution from Angekis

Angekis, our manufacturer of USB conferencing cameras, has brought to market a temperature checking solution, designed to reduce sickness in the workplace. AccuScan is made up of a tablet and camera, which can scan your temperature and detect your face in 0.5 seconds.

AccuScan works in two modes, Quick Scan, that can check the temperature of 30 people in 1 minute, ideal for fast moving channels like public buildings, and Face Detection, which detects and matches a face and accurately records the individuals temperature – perfect for businesses and office spaces. For users wanting to use Face Detection mode, AccuScan can support up to 20,000 people offline for facial recognition.

Users are able to use AccuScan both indoors and out and when combined with a gate system/building access, the AccuScan tablet can automatically control entry and non entry of personnel. Installation of the AccuScan is very flexible as its been designed to easily install into most operating environments. The available mounts include wall, floor, desk and gate.

Angekis has fitted the device with superior access management that supports facial recognition, identity verification IC and ID card mode with anti trailing, black and white listing and early warning function for illegal access.