Aveo Systems - Mira Connect 10

29 January 2020

Mira Connect 10 Now Shipping

Mira Connect 10, Aveo Systems’ 10-inch audio visual control system touch screen, is now available for customer shipments. Mira Connect 10 supports the same extensive functionality as Aveo’s original Mira Connect and offers customers a form factor that can be used on a table, mounted on a wall, or mounted in a wall.

Mira Connect 10 is compatible with wired or wireless Ethernet power connections and is powered by a PoE (Power over Ethernet) network connection or by an external power supply. With the same ease-of-installation and ease-of-use as the original Mira Connect, Mira Connect 10’s sleek design offers unprecedented flexibility to fit into any end user’s room aesthetic.

Mira Connect 10’s table top SKU includes our newly available articulating table top stand, that allows adjustment of the touch screen angle and height. Bundle the Mira Connect 10 with our newly available in-wall metal backbox for a sleek flush-mount wall installation. The backbox assembly includes paintable black trim ring. Finally, you can use any third-party 75 x 75mm VESA mount for on-wall or glass mount applications.

Order Aveo’s optional LED bars to allow all participants in the room to readily see whether the system is muted or in a call. LED bars can be mounted on either side of the Mira Connect 10 and illuminate GREEN when in a call and RED when the system is muted.

Mira Connect 10 is configured the same way as the original Mira Connect, using Mira Portal, Aveo’s cloud-based management platform. With Mira Portal, you can:

  • Select the make and model of each device you would like to control.
  • Enable to desired features.
  • Upload a preferred background image and company logo.