This stand from Erard Pro offers exceptional ease of use, particularly in tight spaces, thanks to its slim profile. It demands minimal floor space due to its compact base, measuring just 58 cm in depth. Combining the strength of a steel base with the lightweight properties of an aluminum stand, it is suitable for screens up to 98 inches or 2 x 75 inches, depending on the model. What sets this stand apart is its flexibility, as you can customize it to your specific requirements with a range of additional accessories available separately in the XPO range. Installing it is a breeze, and it includes convenient cable management within the column. Furthermore, you have the option to replace the wheels with feet, allowing you to transform it into a stationary stand if desired.


The hole-less wall mount is specifically designed for screens with a maximum thickness of 50 mm. It features a repositionable stabilizing pad made of elastomer, offering stability and flexibility. You can also adjust the screen’s height by 200 mm, providing five different positions to choose from.

For added safety, there’s an antifall device in place to secure the screen. The mount itself is constructed from sturdy 6 mm steel and comes with a black and white epoxy painting finish. On the back side, there’s an incorporated cable management system to keep things organized.

Installation is a breeze, as the mount arrives in three parts with all the necessary tools, and it takes just 5 minutes to set up. Additionally, there’s an option for public places that allows for drilling the mount to the wall. With this option, screens with a maximum thickness of 80 mm and a maximum weight of 65 kg can be accommodated.

You can choose from:
>STANDiT™ 400
>STANDiT™ 600


These TV stands from Erard Pro offer flexible screen height adjustment, with five positions providing up to +/- 200mm or +/- 125mm of movement. They feature sturdy steel bases with a 6mm or 8mm thickness, finished in a sleek Titanium color epoxy painting. The column width is 150mm and is available in white or black epoxy painting. All models come with six multidirectional wheels measuring Ø35mm for easy mobility. Additionally, there are optional accessories like shelves and Box Up units (039080 and 038401, respectively) that you can add to these stands to tailor them to your specific needs.


Erard Pro offers a versatile wall mount with adjustable height, accommodating display center heights ranging from 240mm to 2282mm, 1270mm, and 1070mm. These mounts are compatible with plasterboard walls and feature profiles and arms made of textured anodized aluminum with titanium color epoxy painting. They offer tilting and swiveling capabilities for optimal screen positioning and are constructed from durable steel with black epoxy painting. A magnetic wall plate cover adds a neat finish, and each mount includes a tempered glass shelf that can be adjusted in height. What sets these mounts apart is the patented micro adjustment system, ensuring perfect screen horizontality for an enhanced viewing experience.


These versatile stands are well-suited for both workspaces and shop windows, offering practicality and flexibility. They feature durable steel bases, either 6mm or 8mm thick with black or white epoxy painting, and have a 60mm mast diameter finished in chromium epoxy painting. These stands are designed with integrated cable management within the mast, ensuring a clean and organized appearance. You can adjust the screen height by up to +/- 50mm, and they allow for mounting the screen in either portrait or landscape orientation to meet your specific preferences. They can accommodate screens with a maximum thickness of 100mm and require customer assembly for setup.

You can choose from:
>1050 L
>1400 XL
>1600 XL