What is Mira Connect?

Mira Connect is a network-based control appliance, designed to simplify the way we use, manage and control A/V equipment and conferencing software.

Mira Connect is easily configured and managed through Mira Portal, Aveo Systems’ secure cloud-based management platform. No custom programming is required.

The control system’s user interface has been thoughtfully pre-designed so you don’t have to spend time creating it. The user interface is then created automatically based on the integrated equipment.


Why Choose Mira Connect?

  1. Minimal Programming – No training, certifications or tedious hours of programming are required with Mira Connect. All it’s equipment is pre-programmed into the panel. To add equipment to a specific Mira Connect, select it within Mira Portal, insert its IP address and add it to your panel.
  2. Consistent User Interface – No user interfaces need to be designed and created with Mira Connect. All of this has been done for you already. As you add equipment to your panel, your interface will automatically build itself. A consistent user experience from room to room makes all rooms feel familiar.
  3. Unified Control – Instead of multiple, confusing remote and controllers, users can manage their equipment from one central control panel. Users can control PTZ cameras, audio systems, lighting, upcoming calls, Zoom Rooms and more.
  4. Remote Management – Mira Connect can be remotely managed, re-configured and controlled by help desks, AV/IT teams or integration partners through Mira Portal.
  5. User Your Personal Device – When Mira Connect Me Touchless Control is enabled, a user can control the system from anywhere in the room by scanning a QR code and getting the user interface on their own personal device.

Who is Mira Connect Best Suited For?

  1. Smaller AV integrators who don’t have the resources to become trained or certified in other control systems. Projects which you couldn’t put yourself forward for before, could become available with a control system that doesn’t require programming.
  2. Large control system deployments that need to be installed and ready in a short period of time. Due to Mira Connect not requiring any programming, you can have large, urgent deployments ready in next to no time and within the clients time frame.
  3. Conference rooms that require a standardised user interface to make equipment easy-to-use. Not all installs require a bespoke programmed solutions, some just require a standardised interface that can easy control a meeting room, without the fuss of programming.
  4. Customers looking for an all-in-one control system. Instead of managing your conferencing hardware and software from seperate systems, use Mira Connect to control your A/V equipment and Zoom Rooms software from the same device.