8 October 2021

Angekis Compact One

All the best features of Angekis’ One Touch, rolled into one compact, high-performance ePTZ camera. The newly released Compact One is designed for high-quality video conferencing in a multitude of environments – at home, at your desk, in huddle rooms, in meeting rooms or on the move.

Made to sit on top of a laptop/computer screen or a TV in a meeting room, Compact One simplifies video conferencing for both the integrator and end user. Both video and audio are built into the 4K camera, reducing the amount of equipment needed for the installation.

Crystal clear video quality from the Compact One’s 1/2.8-inch, 8.42 megapixel sensor means even in the most professional of environments, video quality will be up to scratch.

Alongside the high-quality video is two built-in microphones. These have a maximum pickup distance of 5 metres, meaning they’re suitable for use in huddle rooms and small meeting spaces. Both the video and audio data is transmitted over a single USB 2.0 cable. This reduces the installation time drastically and means only one cable needs to connect to the rooms PC or laptop – perfect for BYOD applications.

The Compact One is particularly impressive at picking up a large number of people in a short proximity due to its 120-degree FOV. This super wide-angle field-of-view highlights again why it’s best suited for small, personal meeting spaces.

Similar to the One Touch, Compact One supports smooth and precise auto-framing. Frame all meeting participants in the centre of the screen, whether its 1, 2, 3 or 4 people, with exceptional ease. As participants enter and leave the meeting, the camera will quickly adjust and make sure the meeting participants are framed at all times.

As mentioned previously, Compact one is designed to mount above a monitor or TV. However, its flexible hinge design allows for other forms of installation. Mounting on a tripod, on a wall and on a desktop are all possible, opening up niche opportunities where other webcams can’t perform.