4 January 2021

Vaddio Release AV Bridge 2×1

A solution designed to make it easy to record and stream high-definition video and Dante audio, the new AV Bridge 2×1 from Vaddio joins its popular AV Bridge family of products.

With two HDMI inputs, you can connect either two cameras or a camera and computer, easily switch sources, and set side-by-side or PIP for seamless live presentations, lecture and video calls. 1080p USB 3.0, HDMI and IP streaming outputs allow you to simultaneously capture to your PC, enlarge the source with an in-room display, or stream to popular online platforms – all without the need for special software or drivers.

The AV Bridge 2×1 also includes robust audio mixing capabilities. A 4×4 Dante I/O allows for scalable networked audio to meet the needs of any application, users able to connect up to four CeilingMIC D microphones to the AV Bridge 2×1. Install the 2×1 in your existing classroom designs by utilising the 2-channel analog audio I/O and adding in new HD video sources.

Experience worry-free presentations with the automation features built into the AV Bridge 2×1. Connect Vaddio trigger devices like the StepVIEW Mat to recall a library of macros built into the web-based user interface. Control PIP settings, video sources, camera position presets and more with intuitive API integration for third party applications and control hardware. Available PIP layouts include side-by-side, top bottom, and your choice of four corner inset.

The AV Bridge 2×1 is excellent for videoconferencing applications. Share more of the conference room when in video calls. Switch between a view of the boardroom table and the action at the whiteboard without missing a beat. Participate with crystal clear audio through built-in echo cancellation, ensuring both sides of the conversation are heard without any feedback issues.