7 January 2021

Powered 5-Port Switch Available from Luxul

The SW-100-05PD is powered by PoE+, so buckle up for the list of features you can accomplish with it!

Let’s say you need to power an AVoIP receiver and connect data to a couple of additional device, but you’re working with a small area of space behind a TV/display? Drop this clever little switch into that space and connect a 30W PoE+ cable to its PoE+ input port, then connect your AVoIP receiver via PoE to its PoE output port.

Additional devices can be plugged into the remaining ports. You’ll be passing through 15W of PoE to the AVoIP receiver and maintaining an invisible, behind-the-TV installation. Plus, if you’re powering this switch via an upstream managed switch, you’ll be able to remotely reboot it if the need ever arises!

Of course, above demonstrates only one of the many use cases. Connect control panels, PoE cameras, AVoIP receivers, or any other PoE device you can think of into almost any space with the small form factor SW-100-05PD. And with rubber feet, mounting brackets with key holes, or magnetic mounting available, place it anywhere!

The SW-100-04P and the SW-100-80P have a 58W and 92W power budget, respectively, and can power your PoE+ devices up to 30W in an individual port. So what does that mean?

It means you can power access points, IP cameras, switches, AVoIP, control panels, and more without worrying about finding another place for a large piece of equipment! Their compact form factors enable installation in tight spaces, and keyholes or the included rubber feet give you multiple mounting options – so there’s almost no limit to how these switches can be installed! Don’t worry about difficult setup or configuration either, as the SW-100-04P and the SW-100-08P are plug-and-play!