UC & VC, or unified collaboration and video conferencing, is the art of communicating remotely using audio visual equipment. It allows individuals to communicate efficiently and effectively, without needing to be in the same place.

It comes in many different forms, from huddle rooms, meeting spaces and boardrooms to your home office or your desk at work. They key to making UC & VC work is professional, high-quality A/V equipment.

Here at Tukans, we have decades of experience working with integrators, consultants and end users on their unified collaboration & video conferencing projects.

The UC & VC division of Tukans has over the years, developed into the division featuring the greatest number of manufacturers and solutions. The division features a carefully selected range of manufacturers and products, which not only provides clients with the right solution, but also with its suppliers to deliver custom and bespoke solutions where the application, furniture or decor requires.

Long lasting relationships with customers and confidence in products is what the UC & VC division is built upon. Full products training support, project conceptualisation and system design, gives you confidence in both ourselves and our portfolio.

Tukans will work side by side with yourselves and your customers to provide you with unmatched sales support from beginning to end, as well as after your project is complete.


PowerZoneTM series are commercial amplifiers built with a single goal in mind: to deliver cost-effective, adaptable, and dependable high-performance audio power. The ability to offer both High-Z (constant voltage) and Low-Z (4/8 ohm) loads on every channel allows installers to employ PowerZoneTM amplifiers in a variety of installation sites.

The PowerZoneTM Connect series are complete matrix DSP amplifiers with a user-friendly browser-based web interface, these intelligent amplifiers are set up in a matter of minutes. The amplifiers also support constant voltage (70V/100V) and standard low-impedance loudspeakers (4 to 16 ohms).

Angekis manufacture a range of high-quality cameras and audio accessories that are all USB plug-and-play, ideal for the latest BYOD conferencing and huddle room environments. The cameras cover a range of technical and pricing requirements.

AREC designs, manufactures and brings to market recording, streaming and auto-tracking solutions for a variety of applications. Its portfolio consists of PTZ network cameras, IR, AI and microphone-based tracking systems, media stations and much more.

Aveo Systems was formed with the goal of simplifying how conferencing products are used, controlled, and managed by organisations. The products which it brought to fruition to reach this goal are the Mira Connect touch panel and Mira Portal.

Blaze Audio Amplifier Logo

Blaze Audio specialises in power amplifiers for the commercial audio and audio visual market. Their amplifier products power the exceptional sound performance demanded in commercial locations, and deliver the technology, quality, and reliability expected by the professional AV market.


Tukans is the UK and Ireland distributor for innovative video products brand, Blustream. Founded in 2014 in Melbourne, Australia, Blustream manufacture a range of solutions that can be installed in any AV environment with unrivalled confidence. Products include AV-over-IP, HDBaseT extension, HDMI matrix, Dante audio converters and USB extension products

Clockaudio Logo

Clockaudio was established in 1994, by a team of audio specialists with decades of experience in the design and manufacture of innovative pro-audio products. With a vast portfolio of microphones, they are able to provide a solution for all scenarios.

Blustream’s networked audio zone amplifiers deliver advanced audio integration within commercial or residential AV installation and general BGM applications.

Dante technology provides high-quality audio routing, monitoring and transports precisely timed digital audio between devices using standard IP Networking that provides low latency and noise immunity for the audio signals.

Blustream - DA44AU - Dante Audio Solutions

Blustreams Dante audio solutions are designed for converting an analogue audio signal to Dante and vice-versa.

Its DA44AU is a 4×4 Dante digital audio converter, that allows any non-Dante audio source to be connected as an audio source within a Dante network. In addition, it can convert a Dante signal back to an analogue audio signal. It’s ideally suited for applications where audio signals need to be transmitted over longer distances.

For converting audio signals on a smaller scale, Blustream manufacture plug & play decoders and encoders. Its encoder can convert unbalanced or balanced 2ch analogue audio to Dante, whereas its decoder converts a Dante signal to 2ch analogue audio.

ERARD PRO, an expert in enterprise audiovisual furniture, mounts, and videoconferencing gear, has been catering to European clients since 1961. ERARD PRO specializes in the design and production of furniture tailored for professional audiovisual equipment.

HDBaseT™ extenders ensure seamless distribution of 4K HDMI up to lengths of 100m. Supports bi-directional IR, RS-232 and PoC up to lengths of 100m over a single CAT6A cable. Additional features including ARC, RS-232 and audio breakout are included in key products.

HDBaseT™ Transmitter/Receiver is a 4K solution that extends/ receives HDMI signals. You can get individual transmitters or receivers on a wall plate or in a box.

Advanced HDBaseT™ technology offers the distribution of video and audio over a single CAT cable. With the various resolution standards of sources and displays available in the market, it is now common to dedicate a critical viewing area in the home for a maximised AV experience.

The latest HDBaseT™ extenders deliver uncompressed, unconverted HDMI 2.0 4K 60Hz 4:4:4 HDCP 2.3 resolutions over CAT6A cable up to lengths of 100m. These pioneering new solutions are the first that enable integrators the ability to distribute bit-exact 4K video resolutions over extended distances to critical viewing areas.

All HDBaseT™ and Video over IP solutions have been designed to integrate with all major 3rd party residential control systems.

Using an HDMI distribution device, you can simultaneously display video and audio coming from a single HDMI signal on numerous screens, such as multiple TVs or computers.

One of the most recent techniques for signal quality improvement is HDMI distribution. HDMI distribution devices offer the greatest resolutions for a variety of applications, including home theatres, business multimedia presentations, and the medical and automotive design industries. HDMI distribution devices are widespread, and demand for them is rising daily.

Hisense Commercial Displays

Founded in 1969, Hisense has grown to become the largest display manufacturer in the world. The range of commercial displays includes 24/7 IPS panels for digital signage, LCD for large format and a range of outdoor options.


Luxul is the leading innovator for simple-to-deploy, professional grade IP networking solutions. Mainly designed for use in residential and commercial environments, it offers a portfolio of solutions which allows for simple network design and deployment.

Using an HDMI distribution device, you can simultaneously display video and audio coming from a single HDMI signal on numerous screens, such as multiple TVs or computers.

One of the most recent techniques for signal quality improvement is HDMI distribution. HDMI distribution devices offer the greatest resolutions for a variety of applications, including home theatres, business multimedia presentations, and the medical and automotive design industries. HDMI distribution devices are widespread, and demand for them is rising daily.

SKAARHOJ is a manufacturer of universal broadcast control panels for live production, including PTZ robotic camera controllers, RCPs for camera control, live video switching and more. Its mission is to ease the use of broadcast hardware for people make live video.

Blustream - UEX50B-KIT - USB Extension

Extend USB 2.0 devices up to 100 metres over a single CAT cable, with one of Blustreams USB extension systems.

Each of the USB extension systems are completely plug and play, meaning no driver installations or setup is required. Along with the USB signal, Blustreams extenders can transport RS-232, KVM, audio and 2-way IR over CAT.

The UEX100E-KIT is Blustreams 100 metre USB extender that utilises HDBaseT technology to extend the data. The HEX70USB-KIT on the other hand, delivers HDMI to lengths of 70 metres, along with USB 2.0.

Vaddio designs and manufactures easy-to-use and easy-to-install camera technology products for the video conferencing, audio visual and broadcast markets. Alongside this, they also manufacture a range of audio solutions, AV to USB Bridges and Encoders and AV extension.

Blustream - IP200UHD - Video-over-IP

AV-over-IP is a widely used method of distributing video and audio content along with control data over an Ethernet network. This technology is typically found in education, corporate, healthcare and government sectors where it is replacing dedicated audio and video matrices.

Blustream’s AVoIP (AudioVisual-over-IP) range covers up to 4K UHD applications. Its IP200UHD and IP250UHD encoders and decoders are Blustreams multicast 4K video-over-IP solutions, for distributing ultra-HD video signals up to 100 metres over a 1GB network. Alongside the 4K video, 2-way IR, RS-232, audio, and KVM can be distributed along the same CAT cable.

A standout feature to Blustream’s IP250UHD distribution platform, is its ability to extend Dante as well as HDMI. Dual RJ45 network ports are configurable for independent or combined HDMI and Dante signal distribution.

The Wall-S1 gives you the freedom to control your system from every corner of the room and can be easily configured with any Blaze PowerZoneTM Connect.

The Wall-S1 wall-mounted PoE controller enables the remote operation of any PowerZoneTM Connect amplifier. Any installed system, as well as any sound zone at a site, may be easily set up, configured, and customised.

KLICK&SHOW wireless presentation and wireless conferencing solutions transform meeting rooms in to flexible BYOD collaboration spaces. Three levels of system are availabe depending on the specific requirements of the room. KLICK&SHOW has you covered from easy screen sharing via AirPlay, Miracast and Chromecast to BYOM (Bring Your Own Meeting) solutions where users own devices run Teams, Zoom, Webex, etc. whilst wirelessly accessing the installed camera and audio system.

UC & VC News

Blustream IP300UHD Ethernet IP Video Transmission

5 April 2023

Blustream Launch 4K 60 4:4:4 AV Over IP Solution

Blustream have expanded their market leading AV over IP offering with the new IP300UHD series. The new series supports transmission of 4K 60Hz 4:4:4 over 1Gb networks.

7 January 2022

Blustream and Tukans Form Distribution Partnership

Leading AV distribution innovator, Blustream, today announced a distribution partnership in the UK Pro AV channel with Tukans.


30 November 2021

AREC Appoint Tukans as Distribution Partner for UK and Ireland

Tukans, a York-based distributor of professional video and audio solutions, has been appointed as the exclusive distributor for AREC in the UK and Ireland.