27 July 2021

Display Multiple Zoom Camera Views with Mira Connect

When hosting a Zoom call, have you ever wanted to display multiple Zoom camera views of your room and share content at the same time?

While it’s easy to re-position a camera, select a different camera, or share content from your laptop or document camera’, the Zoom Rooms experience is still limited to one camera view and one content view from the room (which can be a second camera), and the Zoom meeting host has control of which view is displayed and when.

Sometimes it is extremely useful to show more than two views in a room concurrently. For example:

  • Showing different vantage points of a live medical procedure all at once so that remote participants can observe and learn from multiple angles.
  • Showing three whiteboards in a lecture hall for the remote participants while supporting content sharing and a view of the instructor.
  • Displaying different angles of a product assembly process simultaneously to make it easier to understand how it all goes together.
  • Hosting a video conference of a legal hearing and being able to show close-ups of the judge, jury, and attorneys all at the same time so that remote participants can observe all courtroom dynamics.

As a remote participants, sometimes you’d like to choose which view is large on your personal screen. For instance, what if your professor has just switched the view of the whiteboard back to a self view, and you are not done studying the whiteboard? How do you change what is displayed on your screen back to the whiteboard? Well, you can’t if the view isn’t there anymore.

The Approach: Multiple Zoom Rooms

The way to display multiple Zoom camera views at the same time is to use multiple Zoom Rooms systems dialled into the same call, with each focused on a different view.

The problem with using Zoom’s default controller application running on an iPad or Android device, is that you need multiple controllers to manage and launch each call separately. Manually co-ordinating multiple controllers imposes an extra burden on a presenter who is focused on delivering content to the participants.

The Answer: Mira Connect

The Mira Connect touch panel control system can control multiple Zoom Rooms systems in a room and dial multiple Zoom Rooms into the same call as easily as dialling one call.

Once Mira Connect is configured with multiple Zoom Rooms, the instructor simply dials a Zoom call from a calendar meeting invitation, direct dial, or launches a ‘Meet Now’ meeting.

Mira Connect then automatically dials multiple additional Zoom Rooms into the same call and becomes the host of the meeting. You can use as many secondary Zoom Rooms as you need.

The remote participants can then choose which view to ‘pin’ on their Zoom application, and all views from the room are available all the time.

Fortunately, with Aveo Systems latest software release, a presenter can launch multiple Zoom Rooms calls simultaneously from one easy-to-use Mira Connect touch panel.