Clockaudio usb microphone interface for UC VC

18 January 2021

ClockAudio USB Interface

Over the last 26 years, ClockAudio has developed an incredible number of microphone solutions that deliver high-quality audio for meetings, conference rooms and other communications applications.

Now, with its new USB interface, the CUI-2, ClockAudio are proud to make all of its solutions accessible for PC-based conferencing. With the CUI-2, you can now maintain the highest degree of sound integrity while configuring your own microphone solution, customised to specifically suit your needs and your work environment.

A small form factor device, the CUI-2 is designed to be mounted beneath a table/desk and can take connection from up to 2 boundary or gooseneck ClockAudio mics. The USB output on the CUI-2 allows for plug and play connection to a PC or laptop, providing direct high-quality audio to your conferencing software. Pair your chosen microphones with a touch switch, due to the CUI-2 featuring a RJ-45 port for ClockAudio’s TS devices. The touch switch can be used to easily indicate whether your mic is live or muted.

Other features include:

  • 10-50dB Gain Control
  • 48V Phantom Power
  • LED Brightness Control
  • Latching Mute and Push to Mute Modes
  • Demo Mode Plays Audio Test to USB Input