16 October 2023

Transforming Audio-Visual Technology for Global Reach and Versatility

The church enlisted the expertise of AV Department Ltd to set up a web conference that extended the reach of their services to a global audience. Leveraging the power of three Angekis Saber Plus cameras, along with ten microphones, they captured every moment of their event in stunning high definition. This case study underscores the versatility of Angekis products in facilitating a diverse range of events.

A church located in the Highlands collaborated with AV Department Ltd to organize a web conference that allowed a global audience to participate in their services. To capture the entire event in high definition, they employed three Angekis Saber Plus cameras to cover various angles and utilized ten microphones.

The Saber Plus cameras from Angekis play a central role in enhancing the church’s web conference audio-visual setup. These cameras, equipped with advanced RS232 In/Out ports, are tailored for professional video production, ensuring high-quality content. With the capability for simultaneous control of multiple cameras, they enable a coordinated capture of the event, crucial for seamless viewing. The high-definition video capture of the Saber Plus cameras is essential for creating an engaging web conference for a global audience.

These cameras support a hybrid setup, accommodating both in-person and online attendees, which enhances accessibility. Each of the cameras was linked to a vMIX PC, and AV Department utilized this software for real-time tasks, including content production and streaming on YouTube, controlling camera motion and focus adjustments, and managing microphone activation and deactivation. Their integration with a vMIX PC streamlines video processing, while real-time control over camera motion and focus adjustments maintains video quality.

Moreover, the Saber Plus cameras can manage microphone input, further enhancing the overall audio-visual experience. In essence, these cameras are integral to the success of the web conference, making it accessible to a broad online audience.