21 August 2023

Tukans enhances the meeting experience with Camera Automation

In their pursuit of  a contemporary and user-friendly Teams meeting space, the end-user sought the expertise of Tukans, and systems integrator Xuper.  Working in collaboration, the team designed a solution using brands including AREC, Televic, Angekis, Vaddio, Blustream and AUDAC to create the ideal meeting environment.

Effective hybrid meetings are required for the running of one of the UK’s largest passenger transport authorities. Meeting participants from within the organisation and external partners including local councils cannot always attend in person so a solution was required to allow everyone to be seen and heard wherever they are. The client sought the expertise of Tukans, a UK-based distributor, and Xuper, a system integrator to help develop the solution using Microsoft Teams and a number of products from the Tukans portfolio:

Arec KL-3T media station
Arec DS-4CU speaker tracking controller
Angekis Saber IP20x cameras x 4
Vaddio AV bridge

The AREC DS-4CU speaker tracking station formed a crucial part of the solution. This device integrated seamlessly with the Televic Confidea G4 wireless microphone discussion system and the four Angekis Saber IP20X cameras recalling camera aiming presets and switching between cameras automatically based on which microphone is in use. This means the current in-room speaker is always presented to the MS Teams meeting via the Vaddio AV Bridge which converts the HDMI output of the AREC DS-4CU in to a USB stream for use by Teams.

The use of professional PTZ cameras and gooseneck microphones at the desk provided a massive improvement in video and audio quality over the previous system that used two Meeting Owl all-in-one conferencing devices. Remote users can now get a much richer experience with improved video fidelity and speech intelligibility.

An AREC KL-3T Media Station with an integrated touchscreen was also employed to facilitate professional recording and streaming of meetings. This standalone solution requires no PC and can broadcast directly to popular streaming platforms such as YouTube which is used to improve transparency and engagement with the communities served by the organisation. The Media Station is also used to record and archive the meetings to its internal hard drive although it is possible to upload these via FTP to local network storage or to integrate with popular video-on-demand platforms such as panopto and Kaltura.

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