16 October 2023

Empowering Education in the Digital Age: The Seamless Classroom Connection System

Zooming in on the details has never been this powerful. With a 12x optical zoom coupled with a 12x digital zoom, the Saber Plus offers an intimate and detailed view. Even in the most expansive conference rooms, the Saber Plus’s lossless zoom capability ensures that you can see everything with fluid motion, pinpoint accuracy, and unmatched precision. Equipped with both manual and auto-focus options, this video conferencing solution brings a level of detail orientation that matches the expertise of your team.

To promote social distancing in smaller classrooms, a system was devised to seamlessly link students in separate rooms and create a unified class experience. The main classroom utilizes a 75-inch Smart Interactive panel for streaming interactive content and high-definition video of the teacher to the secondary room.

The solution used here was Saber Plus by Angekis which boasts a 12x optical zoom along with a 12x digital zoom, the Saber ensures you get a close and detailed view. Even in expansive conference rooms, the Saber Plus provides lossless zoom, delivering the capability to observe everything with fluid movement, precision, and accuracy. With both manual and auto focus options at your disposal, your video conferencing equipment will match the meticulousness of your team.

The pan-tilt-zoom feature of Saber Plus worked remarkably well for this setup. Full-duplex audio, facilitated by microphones and speakers, enables real-time two-way communication, mimicking the natural interaction of a typical classroom. Furthermore, the teacher can employ Zoom controls to zoom in on students and various objects in the classroom, resulting in a hassle free class setup.