5 March 2020

Coca-Cola Digital Shelves

In a feat to differentiate their product line of soft drinks on supermarket shelves, Coca-Cola HBC Russia employed the innovative digital signage technology from SpinetiX and redefined in-store messaging for its shelves at a major supermarket retail chain. The results are more than promising.

The brands was looking for an easy to use, cutting-edge system that helps their products stand out from the crowd at point-of-sale. “We decided to equip the Coca-Cola supermarket shelves with innovative digital shelftalkers. We needed a convenient and easy-to-use consumer attention management system.” says Evgeny Makartsev, Marketing Manager for Coca-Cola HBC Russia.

In particular, the project had to:

  • Improve NARTD (non-alcoholic ready-to-drink) sales from in-store shelves.
  • Feature ability to plan, preview and deliver advertising messages easily.
  • Include data-driven content that auto-updates and is operated remotely, eliminating the need for on-site presence.
  • Make us of reliable fault-free equipment for 24/7 use in public.

To achieve these goals, a total of 9 HMP350 players were installed to display synchronised content across two types of displays: an LCD video wall on top of the shelves, and stretched LED panels acting as digital shelftalkers. Thanks to the Elementi digital signage software, experts from a SpinetiX Certified Dealer were able to re-create and sync the dynamic content across all displays of the installation.

Coca-Cola HBC Russia involved experts from the field of neuromarketing research, to obtain practical confirmation of the effectiveness of the pilot project. Special eye-tracking glasses were used by test subjects, mapping their attention and tracing their interest around the shelves. It was confirmed that structuring visual information by using digital shelves, increases the level of attention and potential of a sales among different segments of the target audience by 35 to 67%.