A super compact PoE powered, VISCA-over-IP controller.

The PTZ Wiz integrates control of video switchers like ATEM and vMix, with IP-based PTZ cameras.

This compact controller is the perfect size and has a comfortable grip for portable and handheld PTZ control.

Instead of your traditional 3-axis joystick for pan, tilt and zoom control, the PTZ Wiz features a pressure sensitive joystick pad and zoom rocker.

For setting camera presets, camera selection and live switching, the Wiz has 6 programmable four-way buttons which can be adjusted to suit your application.




PTZ Fly is a compact camera controller featuring a full size 3-axis joystick for precise camera movements.

The Fly includes bright OLED displays that show what you’ve set on your encoders, in addition to 5 programmable four-way buttons. Multi-function keys on the PTZ Fly allows for setting presets and camera selection.

Users have the option to customise their PTZ Fly controller with an upgraded joystick and SDI output.

The upgraded Hall Effect joystick is available for increased ergonomic comfort and motion precision. Whilst the SDI output adds a Blackmagic Arduino shield to the controller for reading and writing camera control data.


PTZ Pro, the perfect PTZ controller for more complex robotic camera installations.

With dedicated buttons and knobs for all setting and actions, the PTZ Pro is super easy and quick to use. You’ll enjoy all the same benefits as found on PTZ Fly, whilst having a larger hand rest, a wider selection of buttons and keys and faster, direct access.

Whereas the Fly features small, individual OLED displays, Pro has one large menu display which shows your camera settings and presets.

Like the PTZ Fly, Pro can be customised with both the additional SDI output and upgraded Hall Effect Joystick.


SKAARHOJ - Extreme

PTZ Extreme

PTZ Extreme is the ultimate robotic system controller, engineered with expansion and flexibility in mind.

On the left side of the controller, you will find a professional grade zoom rocker and stepless, friction balanced focus wheel.

On the right, you get a world-class Hall Effect joystick for precise pan, tilt and zoom movement, in addition to enough room to comfortably rest your hand during operation.

The lower 12 keys are usually mapped to destination selection (camera) and all knobs and buttons beyond that are equipped with crisp OLED displays.

The Extreme is designed for new ways of working with PTZ cameras, as well as slider and dolly tracks on a complex broadcast set.