Mini Fly

SKAARHOJ’s Mini Fly is the Swiss army knife of controllers.

This compact and flexible controller excels in live video and audio switching, and is perfect for small live productions with up to 6 cameras, audio monitoring and transitions.

Mini Fly features a smooth, motorised transition fader with an RGB LED bar for transition position or VU metering.

Programmable four-way buttons provides users with simple management of their camera and audio settings. Plus, a multi-level Shift key makes it easy to toggle between different group settings.

Its small ergonomic form factor means it can be easily transported and with it only needed a PoE connection, cable management is easy too.


SKAARHOJ - Live Fly - Live Switching Panels

Live Fly

The big brother of the Mini Fly, for bigger and better productions.

Live Fly is a professional midsize controller, supercharged with flexible interface technologies so you can repurpose, extend, integrate and configure over and over again.

Live Fly features a smooth, motorised transition fader and LED RGB bar for transition position, along with programmable four-way buttons.

9 video selection buttons across the bottom of the device can be used for camera / preset selection. Plus, a Shift keys lets users toggle between a second set of options.

Air Fly

Get ready to control your ATEM/vMix/Tricast switchers out of the box with Air Fly, a fully featured desktop controller for live switching.

Depending on which of the switchers you’re controlling, your Air Fly will be configured to control them right away.

Two 12-key bus rows on the Air Fly are available for video switching, plus the Shift key allows you to toggle to sources 11-20. On the function selector row, you can choose between three transition styles; Mix, Dip and Wipe.

A Pro version of the Air Fly features a pressure sensitive joystick and zoom rocker with a Hall-Effect transition fader.

SKAARHOJ - Air Fly - Live Switching Panels

SKAARHOJ - Rack Fusion Live - Live Switching Panels

Rack Fusion Live

Rack Fusion Live adds PTZ control to your live streaming surface in a phenomenally compact controller.

A combination of the PTZ Fly and Live Fly panels, Rack Fusion Live is the perfect size to be table-mounted, or installed in a rack.

On the PTZ Fly half of the panel, you’ve got a 3-axis joystick, 6 multi-function keys for camera presets and selection, and 4 backlit encoders with OLED displays.

On the Live Fly half, there’s a transition fader with an RGB LED bar and auto transition button, 6 programmable four-way buttons and a 9-key bus row.

Everything you need and more for flawless live production.