SKAARHOJ’s RCPv2 is a universal RCP designed for shading any brand of camera you want.

Fit in either your existing rack or sit console style of a table top, the RCPv2 is perfect for controlling a single robotic or PTZ camera.

The RCPv2 is equipped with either a classic analog iris or upgradable motorised fader, with the latter allowing you to adjust multiple camera iris’s, without them effecting each other.

The device is scattered with OLED legends that can be programmed and setup to suit the user. The panel also features a variety of camera shading encoders, so you can adjust white balance, saturation, gain, RGB, shutter speed and more.


SKAARHOJ - Color Fly

Color Fly

Color Fly is SKAARHOJs uncompromising multi-camera remote control panel.

Providing users with innovative iris control through motorised faders, Color Fly gives you control of up to 12 IP cameras at once. Perfect for large live production setups.

The Color Fly panel is covered with programmable four-way buttons with OLED legends that can be customised to the users preferences.

Customise your Color Fly panel with an SDI output and by adding general purpose opto-isolated inputs and outputs – 2×8 In/Out, 16 In, 6 or 12 open collectors etc.