Reach - Bee3 Plus

Bee3 Plus

Bee3 Plus is an all-in-one video capture system for simultaneous streaming, recording, and switching.

2 HDMI video sources and 1 IP video source can be connected to a single Bee3 Plus. Using the 10.1-inch touchscreen, users can seamlessly switch between the 3 inputs and lay them out in various ways.

Fitted with a 250GB hard drive (optional 1TB upgrade) users can record content directly to the Bee3. A USB port of the Bee3 Plus also supports external USB storage if you’re wanting to quickly transfer files.

To support the video, users can simultaneously capture audio via a microphone or line level input. This can be connected direct to a microphone or to an external DSP.

Reach - Bee8 Plus

Bee8 Plus

A high-performance video recording and streaming device, which can support video capture up to a 4K resolution.

Equipped with 5 HDMI inputs and 4 SDI inputs, the Bee8 Plus is designed for high-end video production, requiring the capture of multiple sources and audio.

The Bee8 Plus supports multiple simultaneous control options from local to external control via Crestron, Telnet, or Serial. Like the Bee3 Plus, the Bee8 is fitted with an internal hard drive – 2TB. However, removable USB storage is available too for quick file transfers.

Your content can be monitored either live or in playback via the HDMI output. This is essential for keeping on top of your streams. Simple on-button recording on the face of the Bee8 Plus makes recording and streaming a breeze, even for the most complex of tasks.

Reach - Bee9 Plus

Bee9 Plus

The Bee9 Plus integrates auto-tracking, auto-switching and recording functions, all in a single device.

Designed for tracking a person’s movements, detecting the signal source changes and auto-switching the images. The Bee9 system can also work with a video conference system to achieve distance learning and is specialised for classroom recording solutions worldwide.

Bee9 Plus supports 5 SDI inputs and 1 HDMI input for capture of multiple video sources. Support of RTMP, RTSP and HTTP streaming allows users to stream direct to platforms like YouTube.

Recordings are saved directly to the devices 4TB hard drive and the Bee9 also supports USB storage via a flash drive. An 8 channel audio mixer on the rear of the device, allows users to connect their audio direct and removes the need for an external audio processor.