Digital Signage Displays

Hisense Digital Signage Display’s are ideal for retail and business environments. The products are the perfect backbone of a digital broadcasting platform in supermarkets, restaurants, stadiums, shopping malls and office buildings. A combination of seamless design and enhanced brightness will ensure your digital content vividly stands out from the crowd.

Outdoor Signage Displays

A range of all weather displays housed in totems with either fan cooling or air conditioning allow your clients to get their message across to customers in any conditions; rain or shine.

LED Solutions

Hisense produce a range of all-in-one LED displays up to 163″ in size for use in meeting and presentation spaces as an alternative to projectors. Modular LED panels cater for indoor and outdoor applications including advertising in sports stadia, transport hubs and retail malls.

Interactive Displays

Hisense Interactive Digital Displays deliver unrivalled performance and value. They combine the power of a digital display, tablet, electronic whiteboard and video conference device to deliver the ultimate all-in-one display solution. Interactive Digital Boards  have been designed to facilitate collaboration in both business and educational environments. They are touch enabled and have multiple users them at once to present, illustrate and share information.