Hall Technologies - EMCEE200

EMCEE200 – Presentation Switcher

Hall Technologies has recently released a 4K seamless multiview presentation switcher and scaler, specifically designed for use in educational and corporate environments.

With Picture-in-Picture (PIP) and Picture-over-Picture (POP) capabilities, EMCEE200 can process up to four 4K@60 video sources with zero latency with “CONFIDENCE” and “PRESENT” HDMI outputs.

A USB 3.0 output seamlessly integrates with all soft-codec conferencing solutions, perfect for hybrid learning in universities.

With a built-in dual MIX mixer and a wide range of Audio Embedding and De-embedding options, EMCEE is a perfect companion for any type of presentation.

Hall Technologies - HIVE Control

HIVE Control

The next chapter in AV control, HIVE Control is the industry’s first cloud-based AV control platform engineered from the cloud down.

HIVE’s system leverages the best in modern IoT, legacy control, and automation systems to deliver a superior end-to-end AV solution.

HIVE gives the user the ability to innovate freely, with no upfront fees and per room licenses, ready to use control templates, centralised control and monitoring and control of 3rd party AV and automation devices.

The system is comprised of 3 components: an all-in-one touch panel, HIVE Touch, an IP controller, HIVE Node, and an IoT-based control platform, HIVE Cloud.

Hall Technologies - Cables & Adapters

Cables & Adapters

USB 2.0, USB 3.0, HDMI, DisplayPort and VGA are just some of the extension cables and adapters available through Hall Technologies.

Extend the connections from your systems and devices from 1M to 50M with reliable, high-quality cabling that’s guaranteed to work.

From locking and high-speed latching HDMI cables, to 4K Javelin Plenum-rated USB cables, HDMI decora wall plates and more, Hall Technologies cables and adapters collection has everything you need for completing your installations.

Hall Technologies - Video Extension

Video Extension

Hall Technologies produce video extension products using a number of different technologies, that allow you to transmit video signals over long distances.

The latest video over IP technologies allow 4K UHD video to travel over standard 1GB Ethernet infrastructure, with the added benefit of being able to be combined to create virtual matrices of up to 64 x 250.

HDBaseT allows not only video but audio, Ethernet, serial, IR, and power to be extended by up to 100 metres using standard CAT5e/6 structured cabling. When requirements are much simpler, Hall Technologies also has a range of products that can also extend video signals using UTP, coax or fibre optic cabling.

Hall Technologies - SW-HD-4A

Video Switchers

From simple single output HDMI switchers to 8×8 video matrix switchers, Hall Technologies have you covered.

Its latest HDMI video switcher, SW-HD-4A, is a 4 input HDMI switch that supports resolution up to 4K60 4:4:4, with advanced switching technology, enabling fast switching of four HDMI sources to a single HDMI output.

Hall Technologies also manufacture a 4×1 and 2×1 DVI switch with audio and serial control, in addition to a 2-port VGA switch allowing 2 video and stereo audio input sources to be switched to one output.

Hall Technologies - Scalers and Processors

Scalers and Processors

Hall Technologies have designed a number of useful scalers and processors that make an integrator’s life easier.

If you need to convert between different video formats, scale an image, extract or embed audio or switch between inputs, then there is probably a Hall Technologies box that will do the job.

Its single input scalers and processors can convert, scale and distribute video signals up to 4K alongside audio, in applications requiring a single image on a screen.

Its multi-input scalers on the other hand allow you to distribute multiple images to one screen, and either display them simultaneously or seamlessly switch between them.