HDBaseT™ Matrix

Everyone else refers to their systems by their technical names, but an HDMI matrix, also known as a HDBaseT matrix, allows you to centralise AV devices so that they are hidden away, resulting in cleaner, less crowded living environments.

Blustream - IP200UHD - Video-over-IP


AV-over-IP is a widely used method of distributing video and audio content along with control data over an Ethernet network. This technology is typically found in education, corporate, healthcare and government sectors where it is replacing dedicated audio and video matrices.

Blustream’s AVoIP (AudioVisual-over-IP) range covers up to 4K UHD applications. Its IP200UHD and IP250UHD encoders and decoders are Blustreams multicast 4K video-over-IP solutions, for distributing ultra-HD video signals up to 100 metres over a 1GB network. Alongside the 4K video, 2-way IR, RS-232, audio, and KVM can be distributed along the same CAT cable.

A standout feature to Blustream’s IP250UHD distribution platform, is its ability to extend Dante as well as HDMI. Dual RJ45 network ports are configurable for independent or combined HDMI and Dante signal distribution.

Blustream - UEX50B-KIT - USB Extension

USB Extension

Extend USB 2.0 devices up to 100 metres over a single CAT cable, with one of Blustreams USB extension systems.

Each of the USB extension systems are completely plug and play, meaning no driver installations or setup is required. Along with the USB signal, Blustreams extenders can transport RS-232, KVM, audio and 2-way IR over CAT.

The UEX100E-KIT is Blustreams 100 metre USB extender that utilises HDBaseT technology to extend the data. The HEX70USB-KIT on the other hand, delivers HDMI to lengths of 70 metres, along with USB 2.0.

Blustream - DA44AU - Dante Audio Solutions

Dante Audio Solutions

Blustreams Dante audio solutions are designed for converting an analogue audio signal to Dante and vice-versa.

Its DA44AU is a 4×4 Dante digital audio converter, that allows any non-Dante audio source to be connected as an audio source within a Dante network. In addition, it can convert a Dante signal back to an analogue audio signal. It’s ideally suited for applications where audio signals need to be transmitted over longer distances.

For converting audio signals on a smaller scale, Blustream manufacture plug & play decoders and encoders. Its encoder can convert unbalanced or balanced 2ch analogue audio to Dante, whereas its decoder converts a Dante signal to 2ch analogue audio.