Dante Audio Amplifiers

Blustream’s networked audio zone amplifiers deliver advanced audio integration within commercial or residential AV installation and general BGM applications.

Dante technology provides high-quality audio routing, monitoring and transports precisely timed digital audio between devices using standard IP Networking that provides low latency and noise immunity for the audio signals.

Blustream - DA44AU - Dante Audio Solutions

Dante Audio Solutions

Blustreams Dante audio solutions are designed for converting an analogue audio signal to Dante and vice-versa.

Its DA44AU is a 4×4 Dante digital audio converter, that allows any non-Dante audio source to be connected as an audio source within a Dante network. In addition, it can convert a Dante signal back to an analogue audio signal. It’s ideally suited for applications where audio signals need to be transmitted over longer distances.

For converting audio signals on a smaller scale, Blustream manufacture plug & play decoders and encoders. Its encoder can convert unbalanced or balanced 2ch analogue audio to Dante, whereas its decoder converts a Dante signal to 2ch analogue audio.