PowerZone series

A compact, dependable, and energy-efficient Class-D amplifier, Blaze PowerZone provides easy setup and flexible configuration options.

The whole available power is automatically shared across all channels in these power amplifiers, making it simple to connect to any output in low or high impedance and share total power as you need it. These power amplifiers supply both Lo-Z (4/8 ohm) or Hi-Z (70/100V) loads on any channel.

With desk and wall mount brackets and full rack supports, the ultra-compact PowerZone series may be mounted in places other products cannot.

You can choose from a
PowerZone series 252 – 1004
-252 (2×125 Watt)
-504 (4×125 Watt)
-1004 (4×250 Watt)

Power Amplifier

Power Connect Amplifier

PowerZone Connect series

With Blaze PowerZone Connect amplifiers and the PowerZone Control web app, you can connect, configure, and control any audio system and create impressive multi-zone sound systems in minutes, both wired and wireless system access for network setup and management.

These amplifiers range have a 2 and 4-channel option that delivers between 60W and 750W per channel, some have power share of up to 250W.

The PowerZone Connect series are an ultra-compact ½ rack size, which means it can be installed in small spaces where others cannot.

You can choose from
PowerZone Connect Series 122 – 504
-122 (2x60W in Lo-Z mode and 1x125W in Hi-Z mode)
-252 (2x125W in Lo-Z mode and 1x250W in Hi-Z mode)
-254 (4x60W in Lo-Z mode and 2x125W in Hi-Z mode)
-504 (4x125W in Lo-Z mode and 2x250W in Hi-Z mode)

PowerZone Connect Series 1002 – 3004
-1002 (2x500W@2Ω)
-1502 (2x750W@2Ω)
-2004 (4x500W@2Ω)
-3004 (4x750W@2Ω)